Vertigo by: Jason Derulo

I just want to go on record saying that my love for Jordin Sparks will never go away. I have been routing for her since she stepped into her Idol audition singing, “Because You Loved Me.” It is very unfortunate that she has had the career that she has had, granted it is finally getting some kind of steam. With that being said I am very excited to be hearing her beautiful voice singing it up again and I promise you, as a real Jordin Sparks fan, her new duet with boyfriend Jason Derulo will not disappoint you.

I just heard about this duet today and I have had it on repeat since I first heard it. The voices compliment each other so amazingly, the piano back beat is very soothing and just makes you feel the emotion of the song. There is no way you can hear this song and not feel the love between these two.

The lyrics just make the song that much better as well. Jason captures the essence of that player turned good guy when he sings the line,

“Ladies come and go, but you got something different. Had me so addict from the start.”

While Jordin so sweetly serenades us with this beautiful plea,

“So if I’m dreaming please don’t wake me up, if all this is happening in my head.”

I could just be an overexcited fan but why don’t you be the judge for yourself? Take a listen below and let me know what you think of the new duet? Also Jason Derulo’s new album “Tattoos” is now in stores, so feel free to download on itunes or purchase in stores to get see what kind of new material Derulo has to offer us this time around.


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