All Jordin All Day!

Since the release of Jason Derulo’s album “Tattoos.” I have been completely obsessed with Jordin Sparks all over again. The song, “Vertigo” that I posted about yesterday has me on a total Jordin Kick! I have no clue why she was gone for so long from the music game. Well I do, but those are legal issues and I don’t wish to bore you with those. Instead I wanna go through my Itunes with you guys and share some of the Jordin songs that are currently on repeat on my Ipod!

To Love Somebody

To get things started I had to take it back to Jordin’s Idol days! Her rendition of “To Love Somebody” always has me fall in love with her all over again. When I watched this season, I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t originally voting and rooting for Jordin. Yes I thought her voice and personally were amazing, not to mention how beautiful she was. Yet there were a few performances that happened to steal my heart and put my faith into this woman. It wasn’t until the top 11 performance when Jordin sang, “I Who Have Nothing” that I was truly invested and by the time she came to sing this song Jordin was my favorite. Listen for yourself and you’ll know exactly why I’m in love with this rendition of this song.

Worth the Wait

When Jordin Spark’s first album came out I was in the 7th grade. If you remember your middle school days like I do, then you’ll remember being an emotional and hormonal mess as most middle schoolers are. We’re over dramatic and very rude yet we manage to make it out alive so that’s really all that matters. In any case this song was one of my favorites from her first album and still til this day is.

The song was offered as a bonus track through Wal-Mart and Digital download so it may not be in the original track listing of the song or in your version of the album. (The album also featured two other bonus tracks, “Save Me” and “Virginia is for Lovers”)

Her soulful and heartfelt voice is very complimentary to the beautiful composed orchestra, the lyrics just pour out and make you feel the emotion the writer was trying to get from the song. It’s very relatable to any hormonal seventh grader who has his first crush and I’m not gonna lie it may still be relevant to a college sophomore who is experiencing another crush. Who’s to say it’s just a beautiful song and if you weren’t a fan before this song should definitely do the trick!

Don’t Let it Go to Your Head

THIS SONG RIGHT HERE! Now at this point I was hooked on Jordin Sparks! It was like I hadn’t even grown tired of her first album and then she released “Battlefield.” When this album was released I was a freshman in High School and once again every song was relatable to my life struggles and feelings. I, til this day, can’t listen to this song without belting it out right along with Jordin. It’s just one of those songs that gives you such a cutsie little feeling. It’s the feeling of your first crush all over again.

Jordin really delivers this song with beautiful belts, flawless high notes and feeling! That’s a main reason I love this woman. You can feel and hear the emotions behind every lyric. It’s one thing to sing a song, but I believe that as a true singer your job is to feel and deliver a song. Boy does Jordin prove this right in this song.

The Art of Love

The features of the incomparable Ms. Jordin Sparks are as much her own and they are the main artist, this duet with Guy Sebastian just further proves my point. The duet that was released in 2009 and was apart of Guy’s album, “LIke it Like That.”

The love filled duet takes you into a story featuring two in love persons letting the other know that, this relationship may not be everything you think it will be because I’m just learning what love is. The song is filled with cute and beautiful lines such as,

“..Cause we’re gonna make our mistakes, find out how much a heart can take, but I know that you got my back and baby I’ve got yours.”

I love the way these two really compliment each other. In a duet you are looking for charisma and two voices that compliment not rival or duel each other. I believe Guy did a great job of complimenting the belts, runs, and high notes of Jordin. The song peaked at number 8 in Australia, but it’s a number 1 in my heart.

Beauty and the Beast/The World I Knew

This is a two for one! These two songs are very amazing songs that Jordin contributed to soundtracks.

“Beauty and the Beast” is not only one my favorite Disney movie’s ever, but is my favorite song that ever came out of my generation Disney. To hear Jordin cover the song made my heart very happy and my ears equally appreciative. Jordin delivers the song in a more upbeat and energetic style. With the usual Jordin runs and belts that made us love her in the first place. The music video is equally as eloquent and beautiful as she is. Take a look above!

The second song is an original that was recorded and released for the Disney film, “African Cats.” The song is beautiful and inspirational! The line that gets me right in the heart is when Jordin so beautifully sings,

“They say tomorrow can’t promise us anything, so I’ll take every moment and make it enough.”

The song gives you a beautiful feel and it makes me smile every time I hear it! Watch the video below.

Skipping a Beat

Now to present day Jordin, her newly released promotional single, Skipping a Beat, as me feeling all gitty and anxious. Gitty because the song is a cute little love song that was clearly inspired by her love with Jason! It reminds me of a 90s little love song with some modern day influences and Jordin’s beautiful voice!

Anxious because that means new music from my love is coming soon! It just needs to hurry.

The song has received mostly positive reviews including being compared to “The Way” by Ariana Grande. With that being said all I have to say is, Jordin’s back!

Jordin has yet to experience a number one album or single here in the US and Sparkle just did alright in the theaters, but I feel big things coming in the next years for Jordin. With her new duet with Jason Derulo, her new films, “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete,” and “Left Behind” along with an upcoming third album, that she has been rumored to be working on with John Legend, I see box office and Billboard success.

Now there are many more songs that I love, actually I love every song she does, but we don’t have the space nor time for all that so I just choose a small timeline to show you guys why Jordin is amazing and to have you feel like I am going to be feeling for the next few weeks. So enjoy the music and have an amazing Monday!(:


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