Currently on Repeat

This month has been a month of musical discoveries for me. Now for those of you who don’t know me that well, when I get introduced to a new aritst or song and I like it, I grow this unnecessary obsession with it for about a week and then I overplay it. I’m that typical kid at Christmas who is excited with his shiny new toy and then after a few days of playing It’s on to the next. Yet the 5 artist/songs on this list have yet to bore me. So what is it that I just can’t get enough of you ask? Well they are

Red leaf5.) Paradise Fears
Earlier this month, thanks to a couple of my favorite people, I was introduced to a band by the name of Paradise Fears. Now this isn’t usually the type of music that I fancy, but I was plan less and decided what has a free concert ticket ever hurt anyone? So I said sure and went along. Little did I know that my newest obsession would be created.
The concert was amazing and let me tell you why.

1-They covered “Clarity” which is one of my favorite songs ever!

2-The energy behind their performance was unbelievable. I haven’t been to many concerts but it has to be one the funnest shows I have attended.

3-Their fan base is crazy loyal. The girls I went with had “known them when” and so did many of the people in the audience.

4-The messages and lyrics in their songs are amazing and just ahhh!

5-Sam Miller is seriously perfection! Boy does this kid have flow. I wasn’t mentally prepared for him to start rapping, but he did and I was like, “Okay, okay, get it!” He is an amazing performer and has been given a true voice from God.

Don’t believe me? Check out one of my favorite songs from them! I literally work out, wake up, and fall asleep to this song at times. I have even woken up thinking about this song.

4.) Royal by Lorde!
Red leaf So I heard this song while I was looking for new music online and I fell in love! I have this song on repeat whenever I’m walking from class to class. This is like my “Yeah I know I’m bad ass, and what?” song!

It just feels good, as a nice little dutty wine, bumpin kind of beat. You know those feet stompin, finger snappin kinda song. I really enjoy listening to it and the lyrics that really won me over was…

“But every songs, like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin in the bathroom…”

ahh everyone knows how much I enjoy a nice glass of goose!(: It just makes you feel happy and entitled I love it! Check it out!

3.) “Lolly” by Maejor Ali
Red leafSo from the moment that I heard this song I realized that I shouldn’t like this song, but I couldn’t help it! The beat is just very hype and you can’t deny it’s definitely going to be a club banger.

This song brings every cliche needed to make an amazing dance song. Catchy, repetitive hook. A beat you can pop and bounce to, rap verses that aren’t really that well thought out and that are talking about sex and how hot “yo girl is” and how she “be at my place.”

Even with all that being said, I have to admit I really do love this song and I had it on repeat for a good 24 hour period and something tells me that isn’t a good thing. I love to dance and I feel like this is a really sassy, cocky, sexy song to dance to.

What do you think?

2.) “Crooked Smile” by J. Cole
Red leaf Now J. Cole had me jammin out to “Power Trip” all summer long with my best friends, but this new single off his second album, Born Sinner, has to be one of my favorite songs at the moment. To begin with it features one of the best girl groups of all time, TLC.

Also it has a really nice message along with an amazing video that promotes a message that isn’t always publicized by today’s rappers. The video, which is posted below, is J. Cole’s PSA against drugs and the dealing of them. It’s nice to have a nice, college educated, talented young man stepping up to the plate and using his fame and talents to promotes a positive message!

This song gave me the same feeling and impression that I got when Kanye West came out with, “Through the Wire.” It has a nice hook with a great flow and a good beat that you could bounce too and just rock with. I wasn’t originally a J. Cole fan but after these two singles I’m starting to begin to think that he might become very apparent on my Itunes.

1.) Ariana Grande
Red leaf It’s been about a whole 5 weeks and I have listened to Ariana Grande’s whole album at least once a day since its release. Currently “Tattooed Heart” is the top song on my Ipod with 313 listens. I can not get enough of this song!

Ariana Grande has filled a void that has been missing from the music world lately, and she has done it in a way that is making everyone fall in love with her. From Doo Wop to sexy R&b to dance and pop music her album, “Yours Truly” offers a little something for everyone.

My top favorite songs from the album have to be, “Tattooed Heart”, “Honeymoon Avenue”, and “Better Left Unsaid.”

“Tattooed Heart” provides fans with a doo wop infused power ballad with soulful, heartfelt runs, belts and a beautiful whistle register. I haven’t heard a song that moved me and made me fall in love so fast since Bruno Mars’ “If I Knew.” I’m some what of an old soul in the sense that I LOVE Doo Wop and Motown! To me that was the golden age of music and I greatly appreciate when any artist brings those influences with them into the modern day of music.

“Honeymoon Avenue” offers Mariah Carey esque vocals with a nice smooth R&B beat that allows for finger snappin and cruising. The song definitely a great album opener and it immediately gets the listener captivated and prepared for what’s to come for the remainder of the album. Her sophisticated and mature vocals and amazing whistle register along with those smoothly delivered high notes allow for a chill feeling.

“Better Left Unsaid” was the best possible way to end the album. It’s fun, danceable, relevant, current, young, hip, just everything that someone Ariana’s age should be putting out. It is probably one of the few dance songs that I enjoy thus far. I love her vocals and the energy that she brings to the table with this song. This is definitely the song someone should be bumping after a break up!

Listen to my favorite song “Tattooed Heart” below!

That’s what’s on repeat with me, what about you? What are some current obsession one could find on your Itunes?


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