10 Songs You Should Own! (Part 1)

I am a music fanatic! I probably have a problem. At this point I’m obsessed with too many songs and my “Newly Downloaded” playlist is getting crazy long. So check out some of the newest songs that I feel should be on everyone’s “Newly Downloaded list. Be sure to check out part 2 as well.

10-“Wanderlust”-The Weeknd


To start off I have to go with one of my favorite songs from The Weeknd’s debut album, “Kiss Land.” My best friend got me hooked on the weeknd about 2-3 years ago when they were still releasing their trilogy of Mixtapes.

Their debut studio album was released on September 10th and debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200. I believe that this was a well deserved debut, especially since the album contains songs such as Wanderlust!

Wanderlust is an upbeat dance track that gives you a great vibe and a nice little jammin feel. The lyrics of the song tells the story of a relationship that is, “…bigger than love…” and “…stronger than trust.”

The beat definitely reminds me of a mixture between 80s Michael Jackson and 80s rock. It is very well meshed with The Weeknd’s amazingly smooth vocals.

The song is very, “Sing-a-longy” if that is even a thing. I listen to it and I can’t stop myself from dancing a bit and of course singing along with the chorus. Also the break down that is found in the chorus provides the sensual, slow, hot and heavy feel that The Weeknd may be very well known for.

The song is, unfortunately, not yet a single, but like I said before you can find this hot new song on The Weeknd’s debut album, “Kiss Land” be sure to purchase on Itunes or buy and support this rising star.

9-“Lolly”- Maejor Ali (Ft. Justin Bieber  and Juicy J.)


Am I ashamed for promoting this song? A bit, but the thing is I can’t get enough of it and every time I listen to it I can’t stop myself from dancing and singing along.

After many years of writing and producing for various artist and soundtracks, and after 5 mixtapes, Maejor Ali is debuting his first single for his debut album.

The single “Lolly” features rapper Juicy J. and the ever so charming pop star, Justin Bieber.

The song brings a nice hip hop beat that you could definitely dance to. I can see this song becoming a definite club banger. The singing on the single isn’t too impressive, sounds like what most modern day pop stars would provide.

The flow from Justin Bieber is surprisingly very good. I have to admit that I was surprised by the delivery of Justin Biber’s verse. He brings swag, charisma, and he definitely had that rap voice.

Juicy J. Kills this song with his verse. I believe that his verse alone is probably what makes me love this song so much.

Now while I did blog about this song in a previous post claiming it too mature for Bieber, I do like this song and I have been guilty of listening to it on repeat. So be sure to download this song because it’s definitely a must have for you “Party Playlist.”

8-“Dark Horse”-Katy Perry (Ft. Juicy J.)


So I was just introduced to Katy Perry’s second single, “Dark Horse” yesterday and ever since I’ve been in love!

I normally am not a big Katy Perry fan but she has sold me with this single.

The second single off of Katy Perry’s upcoming studio album, Prism, also features rapper Juicy J.

Once again I have to admit that Juicy J. definitely delivers. His flow on this single is sick. He brings a verse that you can bump and just vibe with.

The verse is definitely a cute little verse when you listen to the lyrics and think about what he is saying. The last line is what I love the most.

“Her love is like a drug, I was tryna hit it and quite it, but lil mama’s so dope, I messed around and got addicted.”

This definitely doesn’t sound like anything that Katy has put out lately. The only other possible single that would come close to this feel would have to be E.T…but I love this song way more.

It gives you an R&B/pop infused beat, with actually pretty alright vocals, and a nice dance beat undertone. I would definitely choreograph a dance for this song. It’s a vibe and party song for sure.

Katy Perry’s album Prism is set for release on  October 22nd. Until then feel free to listen to “Dark Horse” on repeat and pre order the album on Itunes.

7-“I Wish”- Cher Lloyd (Ft. T.I.)


Also known for her international hit, “Want U Back” Cher Lloyd is back!

Her new single featuring T.I. was released in early September and I for one have been addicted.

The single offers an upbeat pop dance track that resembles the fun and sassiness of, “Want U Back” and “With Your Love.”

The song tells a story of a young girl who wishes that she could be the “perfect girl” for a guy that she is crushing on. She brings fun lyrics such as,

“I wish I had style, I wish I had class, I wish I were cut with an ass and a raq. Cause if I want you I gotta have that.”

As we all know T.I. always brings this form of sex appeal and smoothness with his features and he surely doesn’t disappoint with this single.

The song is fun, dancey, cute, sassy, and everything that you love about Cher Lloyd. If you weren’t a fan before I believe this song will probably sell you. I love it so you should too.

6-“Crooked Smile”-J. Cole (Ft. TLC)


I’ve talked about this song before, but I couldn’t resist adding this song to the list.

This song is probably one of the only rap songs that I’ve fallen in love with in a really long time. There is a few factors that attribute to this amazing interest in this song.

For one it features one of my favorite girl groups of all time, TLC. TLC is on the rise again and is set for a comeback and this song was the right way to introduce themselves back into the music industry.

You can definitely hear the amazing low tones of T-boz featured in the chorus of the single. You know what I mean the unique voice we all fell in love with to begin with.

Mix that with the smooth lyrical genius of J. Cole and you have a solid hit! Like I said in a previous post, this single is J. Cole’s anthem against the drug wars that are currently invading the streets. Especially between teenagers and minors.

The song is uplifting and is very chill. It’s a song that you definitely have playing in your car while you bump down the streets. I love the beat, I love the lyrics, to me it’s just perfection.

“Crooked Smile” is the second official single off of J. Cole’s second studio album, “Born Sinner.” Also this is the first song that TLC has released since their promotional single, “I Bet” that was used as the winning song for their 2005 reality show, “R U the Girl.”

Be sure to buy J. Cole’s new album, he is very talented and he is providing music that is intelligent, well put together, and featuring amazing talents.

That’s it for part one be sure to check out part two for numbers 5-1!(:


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