10 Songs you Should Own (Part 2)

I’m counting down the top 10 songs I believe you should own! Part one introduced numbers 10-6, featuring songs by Katy Perry, The Weeknd, and J. Cole. So with out further to do here is part two with numbers 5-1.

5-“Elastic Heart”-Sia (Ft. The Weeknd and Diplo)


The second promotional single for the upcoming Catching Fire soundtrack, Elastic Heart, brings intensity and sensuality to the world.

Performed by Sia with the help of The Weeknd and Diplo, Elastic Heart has surely stolen mine!

The song starts off with a small build up and then the melody sets in. After the first drums start off you’re pulled right in. Then to make it better, the raw, intense and high energy voice of Sia kicks in.

The chorus provides an intense feel that is definitely made for a movie. You know how you can always just tell when a song is made for a film? That’s the feeling I got from this song.

Then let’s talk about how the song just goes that extra mile when The Weeknd steps up for his verse. His smooth high notes and wide range provide a very beautiful follow up to the raw intensity of Sia. These two were perfect with each other. There was a great balance between their voice and it sounded like they meshed very well together.

The lyrics tell the story of someone sort of accepting their faith as a broken heart. The story goes on to say that they may be weak and you may have thought you could break them but you won’t. They know that it may be over but they aren’t giving up. The lines are poetic genius for example,

“And I know that I can’t survive, I walked too far to save my life. And I want it, I want my life so bad. I’m doing everything I can.”

also the chorus alone is amazing.

“Well I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart, but your blade it might too be sharp. I’m like a rubber band until you pull too hard, but I may snap and I move on.”

Be sure to check out this song, the movie Catching Fire and the soundtrack that is set for a November release. The soundtrack features songs from The Weeknd, Christina Aguilera, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay and many many more. Looks like a very promising soundtrack to me.

4-“23”-Mike-Will-Made-It (Ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J.)


Yet another club banger has made it to our list. Am I as ashamed of this song? That’s definitely a possibly. The thing is I know I probably shouldn’t enjoy this song as much as I do, but I don’t care…I love it!

Big name Producer, Mike Will Made-It is back at it again. Some of his recent hits include, “Kisses Down Low” by Kelly Rowland, “Body Party” by Ciara and now “23” featuring Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J.

This single shows off the new hot ass mess that is Miley Cyrus’ new persona. Miley sings a sassy little verse that includes lyics such as,

“Drinking out the bottle, I ain’t got no respect, lookin’ like a model who just got a check. I back it up, cause I don’t give a fuck, if you a lame it’s a shame you can’t hang with us.”

Yeah I feel like that was the only thing I had to say about Miley’s involvement with this song.

Yet another song that features the rapper Juicy J. I guess he is becoming a hot commodity in the music industry. He was featured in two songs on the countdown already and now he makes it up on this one as well. I really do enjoy the verses that he and Wiz bring to the song. They basically took the party and every verse turns it up that much more.

This song is definitely going to become the next twerking anthem. It’s fun to dance to and it’s definitely a must have for the “Party Playlist.” The song is supposed to be the first official single from Mike Will Made-it’s first studio album.

3-“Stay the Night”-Zedd (Ft. Haley Williams)


Last year I was introduced to the DJ known as Zedd by his first single, “Clarity.” Well he is back again and I’m just as in love with this song.

As the fourth single off the DJ’s first studio album, “Stay the Night,” features the amazing vocals of Paramore’s leading lady, Haley Williams.

Haley provides these amazing vocals that I believe only she could deliver in such a way. She brings an amazing little swag that is completely her own.

The song itself recreates everything I loved about Clarity. A nice little dance beat, great bass drops and build ups along with great lyrics. The song is yet another troubled love song with more sex to it. Clearly the song is about someone who is aware that the relationship is bound to be doomed so why not enjoy some fun for at least one night.

“I know we were made to break. So what? I don’t mind…Are you gonna stay the night, doesn’t mean we’re bound for life…I am fire gasoline, come pour yourself all over me, we’ll let this place go down in flames just one more time.”

Very hot and intense stuff don’t you agree? It’s an amazing dance track with great vocals and wonderful lyrics. So be sure to become a fan of this DJ on the rise and download his singles or entire album on Itunes. The album includes appearances by, Ryan Tedder, The Foxes, Ellie Goulding, plus many more.

2-“Vertigo”- Jason Derulo (Ft. Jordin Sparks)


“So if I’m dreaming, please don’t wake me up, if all of this is happening in my head,”

This is the beautiful poetry that is the song, “Vertigo.”

Off of his third studio album, “Tattoos” Jason DeRulo teams up with girlfriend, Jordin Sparks, and brings to the world one of the greatest music creations in a while.

The love song tells the story of two people so in love that it gives them vertigo. Cliche, but cute.

The song is a very soft and beautiful melody with smooth, velvet vocals from both R&B artist. Between Jason’s high notes and Jordin’s runs I am completely in love with the performance.

If you are a hopeless romantic or if you just love either Jason Derulo or Jordin Sparks this song will NOT disappoint! It’s everything we love about these two rolled into one place.

Unfortunately this song isn’t a single just yet, but hopefully Jason is smart and makes it one. I would love to see a music video for this song, something tells me it’ll be the cutest thing ever. I mean come on the bridge alone makes me all happy and gushy,

“I’m working down town (you’re all in my head.) This love that we found (we’ll never regret.) When empty inside (I’m filing you up with our vertigo.) You’re waking me up (to my fantasy.) Right here in this bed (we stay here all day.) My head be spinning (you do that to me with your vertigo.)”

You see? Be sure to download Jason DeRulo’s newest album “Tattoos” available on Itunes, and also look out for upcoming Jordin music. She has tweeted that her album is ready now she is just waiting on her label. Also she can be seen in the soundtrack to “Best Man Holiday” that I believe drops in November.

1-“Sorry”-Naya Rivera (Ft. Big Sean)

5006f969-bf8c-4fda-afd6-775133f8b2f7_578_580 And last but certainty NOT least! The number one song that everyone should own is… “Sorry” the debut single from the Glee star, Naya Rivera.

The singer/actress has finally released her first single, which in the world of Naya fans is amazing. We have been waiting for what seemed like forever for some original music since Naya was signed last year.

The sexy songstress teamed up with boyfriend Big Sean to bring out a sassy, 90’s infused, pop hit. The song definitely reminds me of something that Brandy, or Mya would have put out early in their careers. I love it!

The sassy song includes lines such as,

“If you used to be the one well I don’t know shit about it, but I know you’re mad about it.”

This is definitely a song that I could see Santana performing on Glee. It’s sexy, sassy, fun, and has a great little dance beat along with it.

Big Sean brings out a nice little vibe for his verse and they definitely mesh well together. I do have to say that even thought I love Naya Rivera to death her and Big Sean are cute together.

This is Naya Rivera’s debut single and if this is any indication of what we can expect form her album you better believe I’ll be buying that. Also after seeing the album art for the single I def can’t wait for this music video!

Well thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the list and most importantly I hope it got you into some new songs! Enjoy!


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