That Girl!

Also known as the second half of the country duo, Sugarland, Jennifer Nettles has gone solo! Back in May Jennifer Nettles released a statement saying that she was going solo and was currently working on some music for her debut album. In August the first single, “That Girl” was released and now that I have seen the official video I have a few things to say.

gma_sugarland_jennifer_nettlesFirst off I have to say I wasn’t always a very big fan of Sugarland. I never really like Jennifer Nettles as a vocalist, but when I heard this song I was definitely and instantly in love. The song has been described as a song that is, “Sung from the perspective of Dolly Parton’s Jolene.”

I really love this song for a number of reasons. For one the beat of the song is very hypnotizing. I don’t even know how to describe how the sound feels. It’s a bit of soulfulness, meets a bit country, with a nice hand clap beat. Also Jennifer does not sound like Jennifer at all.

There are a few times in the song when I’m like, yep this is definitely Jennifer Nettles, but for the most part her voice seems so much more different. It’s a lot more seductive and soulful. Jennifer comes out with some nice little deep tones with a soulful whisp and of course her classic nasal belts.

Now the song is just the beginning, the video itself is amazing. It’s very classy and seems like it was fun to put together. The video shows a very sexy Jennifer Nettles sporting some beautiful long blonde locks, and wearing a beautiful shear dress. She also plays the brunette girlfriend who is more classy wearing red lipstick, a slim long black dress and a beautiful brunette wig.

Beyond her looks itself the music video is very sexy and seductive, it’s just great. Showing a sexy affair between Jennifer-NettlesJennifer and a married man, with the video ending in a face to face confrontation of the wife and the other woman.

The song tells the story of an affair from the perspective of the other woman. It’s been said that this is Jennifer Nettles’ response to Dolly Parton’s smash hit, “Jolene.” I personally am a huge fan of “Jolene” and I could totally see how this is the response. As a matter of in one of the lines of the song she is telling the wife that even though he is with her, he really loves his wife. She shows this by pulling reference to the song by singing,

“Imagine how surprised I was when he got up to leave. It wasn’t my name on his lips, no he didn’t call for me, he didn’t say Jolene.”

also a few lines before she references the Dolly hit again by saying,

“So I thought I’d call to tell you it was never in my plan. I’m not the scarlet devil I don’t wanna take your man.”

image_library_450px_jn_2This song has instantly stole my heart. Jennifer, in an interview, said that this album is set to be more personal and something a bit different than her projects with Sugarland. If this is true I’m very excited and can’t wait to hear what else she comes out with.

Now don’t you worry Sugarland fans, even though Jennifer is exploring solo fame Sugarland is not over. Jennifer confirmed this in an interview that she was in back in May after she made her announcement about the solo project.

At the moment Jennifer’s debut single is sitting at number 56 on the Country Itunes top 200. So be sure to make that change and push this song up the charts as it deserves. Meanwhile watch  the video below and see how amazing it really is for yourself.


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