Fin’s Tribute Songs FIRST LISTEN HERE!!!

On October 2nd the official track list for the highly anticipated “Quarterback” episode was revealed. In the set list we found very emotional songs that were set to be performed by some of our favorite original glee members. Well as of today I can say that the first listens are available for you here!

As I was searching my way through you tube for music to listen to I stumbled upon glee’s version of “Make You Feel My Love.” Now imagine my surprise when I found out that it was the real song, not a spam or fake version.

As I began to listen I then found links that led me to the other songs as well. Now I definitely don’t know how I’m going to make it through this episode, because just listening to these songs are making me tear up like crazy!

In the set list we have emotionally charged songs such as “If I Die Young” “I’ll Stand By You” and “Seasons of Love” but I don’t think anything could ever prepare a gleek for Lea Michele’s version of “Make You Feel my Love”

This songs are filled with emotion and hurt and you can just hear it in ever line. I dare you to listen to the beginning of “If I Die Young” without crying, go ahead and try it. Now I’ve placed “Make You feel My Love” last because that should not be the first song anyone hears.

So now try not to cry and enjoy these first listens of the songs! Also be sure to tune in for the tribute episode on Thursday, October 10th on Fox!

Seasons of Love-New Directions

Fire and Rain-Sam & Artie

I’ll Stand By You-Mercedes

No Surrender-Puc

If I Die Young-Santana

Make You Feel My Love-Rachel


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