Cover Vs. Original (Ariana Grande)

This is another new blog post I’m going to try out. I actually appreciate this one because I listen to a lot of covers and people are always talking mess to me for listening to covers, but there is nothing wrong with liking someone else’s version of a song.

So what I’ve decided to do is compile some cover songs and compare them to the original version and see what you guys think? Do you like the original better or is the cover going to win the battle? I will way in my opinion then you guys feel free to think about it as well.

The idea for this actually came to me today when I was listening to some songs I have from this very talented woman. Ariana Grande! So I’ve chosen 5 of my favorite Ariana Grande covers and have their original versions here as well. So let’s start the battle!

1-Died In Your Arms-Justin Bieber

Off of the album Believe, Died in Your Arms, was originally recorded by teen heart throb, Justin Bieber. The song is a cute little song that tells the story of someone who just loves to be with the person they are with and how if they could die in their arms they would be happier than ever.

Well Ariana grande released her own version of the song creating a mash up between “Died in Your Arms” and “Clumsy” by Fergie.

My vote for this one goes to Ariana. The fun high notes, cute little runs she does and the chances that she takes with the notes makes it a lot more enjoyable to sing along to as a singer. Now you decided listen below and be the judge for yourself.

2-Where the Boys Are-Connie Francis

This classic hit was originally recorded by Connie Francis for the 1960 movie by the same name. The song is a cute little 60s song. It definitely holds all the components that make a 60s love song what they were. It’s a beautiful song about waiting for your one true love.

Ariana Grande has performed this song on countless shows she has been involved in and recently released a youtube video of her singing the song as well. While there is no studio recording of the song by Ariana, I feel she has sang the song enough to make it to this specific post.

My vote for this one actually goes to Connie Francis. Yes Ariana does an amazing job, but you can’t be an original raw talent like the one you hear in the voice of Connie Francis. You gotta love a classic, but what do you think?

3-Vienna-Billy Joel

This song is a beautiful song anyway you toss it. The lyrics are very inspirational and the nice little piano back beat make it a nice little melody to listen to. As a matter of fact I dedicated this song to my sister.

Originally recorded by Billy Joel, Vienna was a song written about being at a cross roads in your life. The song was said to be the story of Billy Joel’s relationship with his father, or lack there of. Ariana recorded her own version of the song turning it into a mega power ballad.

Many other covers of this song have been recorded, but if I have to choose Ariana’s cover is my favorite of them all. Although in this battle I couldn’t choose. I love the simplicity and just everything about Billy Joel and Ariana Grande really makes it her own. So this one is up to you guys…

4-Love the Way You Lie-Rihanna

Now I love this song, I think it was honestly very emotional, it definitely requires a raw set of chops to be able to pull this song off. Originally recorded by Eminem and Rihanna for Eminem’s album, “Recovery” Rihanna later took the famous bridge and recorded her own version of the song for her album, “Loud.”

Well Ariana didn’t take long to record and share her own version of the recent hit.

Ariana definitely gets my vote. I mean subtract the weird robot voice in the beginning and I just think all in all Ariana had better vocals on this song than Rihanna, but who knows why don’t you listen to Ariana’s below and Rihanna’s above and you be the judge.

Well that’s going to do it for Ariana’s Cover vs. the Original! I hope you guys enjoy this and it gets you talking. Also I hope it gets you into some music you had never heard before.


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