Cover Vs. Original (Megan Nicole)

I happened to stumble upon this beautiful young talent by sheer accident. I was looking up songs on Youtube and a cover by her and Sam Tsui appeared. It was a mash-up of “Locked out of Heaven” and a few other songs, and I fell in love. Ever since I have heard a few covers by her and I think it’s time to introduce her to the world of my family and friends, so I’ve got some of my favorite covers by her and their original recordings to see what you think.

1-“Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus

The most recent cover I’ve hear by this amazingly talent young woman was her version of “Wrecking Ball.” Originally released as the second single off of Miley Cyrus’ new album, “Bangerz,” “Wrecking Ball” has spun into a very controversial hit.

The video for this song has been the topic of conversation for many media outlets and has stirred up a lot of drama for the singer. With visuals of Miley Cyrus naked on a wrecking ball, licking hammers, and rolling around in rubble in panties and a white-T, this video has proven too hot for common audiences.

While the song is very beautiful, relatable, and nice to listen to, I can’t stand Miley Cyrus as a vocalist. I personally don’t think she is that talented vocally. Now there are a few songs that I listen to and I’m like damn girl can sing, but that’s very rare. Miley Cyrus’ accent reminds me a lot of Jennifer Nettles’ accent when she sings and I’m not very fond of her either.

In any case my friend showed me Megan’s version of the song and I loved it…of course…she has a sweet little innocence to her that makes listening to this song a bit more emotional. Her high notes and sweet melody makes this song what it should have been, a nice little pop ballad.

It’s very clear who my vote goes to here, and if it’s not then I’ll say that Megan Nicole takes the prize folks. Now you listen to both and you decide which one was better.

2-“How to Love” by Lil Wayne

Coming off of his 9th studio album, “How to Love” was Lil Wayne’s third most selling single to date. The song peaked at number 5 on the Billboard charts and was LIl Wayne’s first cross over to the “adult contemporary” charts. The song sold a total of 4 million copies and has been certified as 4x platinum.

The song if a “stripped down production” that tells the story of self esteem and the pain that has resulted from a bad love life. The song is very moving, very inspirational and definitely well received by an eclectic audience. I know people ranging from age 12-50s that were really liking this song. The message is relevant and very sentimental to many girls out there.

Megan Nicole provides a different spin and nice little appeal to this song. While every one knows that Lil Wayne is not a vocalist, Megan Nicole brings a nice feel and alternative to a popular song. What sold me was the second verse when she switches into singing in Spanish. The singer takes the songs and makes it a Spanglish crossover.

I definitely love the Megan Nicole version and let’s be honest we don’t listen to Lil Wayne for his singing, so while it was a good attempt I think he should stick to rapping and leave the singing to the singers. Megan you win again.

3-“It Girl” by Jason Derulo

As the second single off his second studio effort, Jason Derulo released “It Girl” in 2011. The song has revived mixed reviews and only reached number 17 on the Billboard 100. In any case the song is catchy and very cute. The official remix features girlfriend Jordin Sparks and I believe that version is way cuter. I prefer it over the original.

Megan Nicole turned the song into a duet, bringing with her a cutsie pop feel and cheesy video. I personally thought it was cute and sounded great, but my vote will actually have to go to Jason…well actually my vote really goes to the remix because it has Jordin in it…but that isn’t up for debate so my vote is neutral on this one.

In any case take a listen and decide for yourself.

4-“Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke

The title track from Robin Thicke’s  newest album was a very controversial hit and has become one of the biggest club bangers of 2013. The song features rapper TI and singer Pharrell. The song has a nice little old school dance beat and fun lyrics.

The video provides even more fun, with a plain background and the three men with woman dancing around and just having a good time. The video and the song have both be scrutinized for promoting “rape culture” and being offensive and misogynist.  I on the other hand think the song is fun catchy and I’m sure meant in no way to promote such things.

Megan Nicole took the song and provided a female pop sass and even recreated a video for her cover. The video mirrors that of Robin’s and provides the same fun feel, just less sexual.

As far as this one goes my vote goes to Robin and the boys. They definitely bring the right feel, sex appeal, and mood to the song that it needs to be a success. Also I felt uncomfortable watching Megan’s video because I felt like I was watching a bunch of teenagers my sister’s age trying to be sexy. It was weird.

In any case you take a look and find out for yourself.


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