Marry the Night: First Listen

Glee will be returning from its 3 week hiatus on Thursday November 7th. Yes, just like every other Gleek I’m desperately waiting for its return. Luckily Glee has dropped a little something to keep us occupied and settled until next weeks return.

adam-lambert-glee-600x337Today Glee released one of the covers that will be featured on the upcoming Lady Gaga vs Katy Perry themed episode. The song will be covered by new comer Adam Lambert who will be playing Elliot “Starchild” Gilbert, a new comer to the New York crew.

The song originally recorded by Lady Gaga, has been given a rocker type feel and high belt notes that Adam is very much known for. I will have to say I’m not the biggest fan of Gaga or Adam Lambert, but he does not disappoint in this rendition. I definitely love this song now. He brings the sass, voice, and rock fierceness that only Adam can bring.

The other songs to be featured will be, “Wide Awake” and “Roar” both by Katy Perry, and “Applause” and “Marry the Night” both by Lady Gaga.

glee-a-katy-or-a-gaga-fox-1-artieNow I’m not a big Katy Perry or Lady Gaga fan, but Glee seems to always make me fall in love with their rendition of their songs. I love their version of “I Kissed a Girl” and “Poker Face,” but I am disappointed with the number of songs, and the songs themselves, that were chosen for this particular episode.

I don’t know what the story line is for this episode, but it is supposed to be playing off the rivalry that is said to be going on between the two current pop divas. If this is to be true then there should have been more songs on the setlist for this episode. With 2 albums and an Ep Gaga definitely offers more songs that could have been covered. With her upcoming 3rd studio effort Katy definitely has way more hits that should be covered.

glee-band-2I just think that there should have been a longer set list with these two artist. They are both very hot right now and they both have chart topping singles and really good songs that have yet to be covered by Glee.

My choices for songs, By Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, that Glee should have covered or should still cover would have to be as follows. “Thinking of You,” “The One Who Got Away,” “Dark Horse,” & “ET” all by Katy Perry. Then I would love for them to do, “Monster,” “Starstruck,” “Speechless,” “Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Could Say)” by Lady Gaga.

Don’t get me wrong I am very excited to hear “Wide Awake” and “Roar” (both of which are rumored to be very good. Roar is probably the most anticipated performance of this episode.) but I just think they were too current with this set list. In any case I am very excited for Glee’s return and this release of “Marry the Night” has done nothing but excited me more.

Be sure to catch the return of Glee Thursday, November 7th on Fox at 8/9c.


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