A Katy or a Gaga (First Listen)

Glee is FINALLY back! That’s right the much awaited return of Glee’s 5th season will finally happen this Thursday. Earlier last week Glee released Adam Lambert’s cover of “Marry the Night” as a first listen, and now the rest of the set list for this Thursday’s episode has finally arrived.

The four song set list consisting of songs by both Lady Gaga & Katy Perry has been released for first listens. Here I have gathered the songs and my opinions on the covers. I will say that this “VS” episode would have been the perfect opportunity for a mash-up, but unfortunately we weren’t that lucky this time around.

“Roar” by Whole Cast

This cover features the entire Glee cast including the new members Dani and Elliot “Starchild.” This episode will introduce us to Adam Lambert’s character, Elliot, and this will be he and Demi Lovato’s character’s first group performance of the season.

As far as the song goes I don’t see anything different then most glee group performances. There are nice, harmonized background vocals, shared lead vocals and nice belts and ad libs as the song progresses. I think that Glee did a pretty good job with the song, but it wasn’t anything too exciting. Definitely something that I’m going to have to see the performance to.

“Applause” by Artie, Sam, Ryder, Blaine, & Marley

The male dominated version of this recent Gaga hit has something different that kind of makes me like it. Now I’m not a huge Gaga fan and it is very rare that I like a song that she puts out and this song was one of the songs that I definitely didn’t enjoy when I first heard it.

Now the men of McKinely high have brought their low tones and Marley’s low alto to the song. Now that Glee has covered the song I can be okay with it, because for one the vocals are better (Artie absolutely murders this song!) and secondly I love almost everything that Glee does.

The promo pictures I have seen for this performance seem very interesting and I’m very excited to see how this one unfolds…especially since Blaine is said to be dressed in drag…

“Marry the Night” by Elliot “Starchild” Gilbert

This isn’t much of a “first listen” per say, because I already posted about this song about a week ago,


but it is part of the set list so it is only right to include it in this post. Like I said before this is our introduction to the character Adam Lambert will be playing this year.

This rock infused version of the song is definitely high energy, amazing vocals, sassy attitude and everything that makes you love Adam Lambert as a singer. This song is probably my second favorite song of the upcoming episode.

“Wide Awake” by Tina, Unique, Jake, and Kitty

Marry the Night” may be my second favorite cover of the episode and that is only because “Wide Awake” took my heart from the first moment that I heard it.

This stripped down, acoustic version of Katy Perry’s 2012 number 1 hit is probably one of the best songs to come out of Glee’s fifth season. (With the exception of every song on Glee’s tribute, “The Quarterback” episode, but that’s a different playing field in my opinion.)

The female dominated song also features the nice low tone from Jake Puckerman. This song is an amazing balance of voices. I think the decision of who was going to sing this song was very smart. The voices just mix and very much deliver. They definitely make Katy proud!

I always enjoy the simple, just piano, songs that Glee does. This reminds me of the beautiful job that Glee did in season 3 with “Shake it Out.” 

I am a bit disappointed with this return. The song list isn’t too wide of a range and like I said in the beginning this would have been the perfect time for a Glee mash-up. Also there are other songs that could have been used.

In any case I’m very excited for Glee’s return because after this episode there will only be a two week wait for my highly anticipated episode, the Billy Joel tribute!

Be sure to catch Glee’s return on FOX, November 7th at 8/9c!


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