New Music=New Obsessions

From Britney to Justin to Enrique to Jordin, many artist have been releasing new material the past month and it’s becoming overwhelmingly exciting. Out of the bazillion songs I’ve been obsessed with now I bring you  that you should definitely be listening to if you already aren’t!

“Perfume” by Britney Spears

Britney Spears - Perfume

The second official single of her upcoming studio album proves to be Britney’s best work in a while.

No more stupid dance beats, auto tune, or weird British accent. That’s right, Britney has surprised the world and brought the world a sweet love ballad.

This is the first non dance track that Britney has graced the world with since 2004 when she released her song “Everytime.

This is a nice side of Britney, the side that I, for one, have missed immensely. While her vocals aren’t the best and there a bit of shaky moments the song is beautiful and it is nice to know there is hope for this album to be something different, something new, and something very classic Britney.

After the release of “Work Bitch.” I was ready to be done with Britney, but this song definitely saves her in my eyes. I am willing and ready to hear what else Britney has in store for us when her album, “Britney Jean” drops later this month. Until then “Perfume” will be on my repeat!

Take a listen for yourself.

“Hold Tight” by Justin Bieber


For the past few weeks Justin Bieber has been gracing his fans with something he is referring to as, “music Mondays.” Every Monday he drops a new single to be featured off his upcoming studio album.

Well about 2 weeks ago Justin released this new, sexy, grown up, R&B track entitled “Hold Tight.”

This was the third song that Justin released and til this point I was loving all the songs. Yet this song had something different that made me obsessed with it.

This song definitely shows a whole different side of Bieber, musically, that we have yet to see. This is a more grown and sexually charged song.

Justin-Bieber-Holdtight-500x259Sung over a soft R&B beat the risque lyrics involved lines such as;

“Holding back the faces I would make. You’re the fan and I’m the rock star you’re making it hard for me.”

and are followed by the line;

“I’m trying to maintain so don’t mind if I turn away.”

justin-bieber-new-song-hold-tightand possess a simple chorus that says;

“That hold on tight. Yeah, that hold on tight. Oh that hold tight, them lips won’t let me go.”

Since the release of “Hold Tight” Bieber has released two more songs bringing the total to 5 songs released by the artist including; “Heartbreaker,” “All That Matters,” “Recovery,” and most recently “Bad Day.”

Bieber is definitely coming with a new sound and a new look. Definitely can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us. So until next Monday I got these songs to jam out to.




“Heart Attack” by Enrique Iglesias


In anticipation for his tenth studio album, Latin pop singer Enrique Iglesias introduced the song “Heart Attack” as the second (English) official single.

The song has to be one of my favorite Enrique songs ever. That’s a bold statement to make, but it’s a true one.

The song is different feel from “Euphoria” and even from “Insomniac.

Featuring lyrics that tell the story of a man who is struggling with losing the love of his life, “Heart Attack” features a nice bass beat with a rockish pop feel.

This is definitely a song that you could find yourself jamming out to in the car, in your room, or on your walk to class. The beat alone is definitely something that makes me love this song. I know when I first heard a snippet of it I was like okay now I gotta listen to it.

Lyrically the song is not only relatable, but also very sweet in a depressing kind of way. I’m not really sure how to put it. It’s a great story and the song is very catchy…I feel a hit on Enrique’s hands.

I Haven’t heart the first single “Turn Up the Night” so I’m not quite sure how that sounds nor do I know if there is a common feel to both songs, but if this song is any indication of what’s to come I’m very excited for this next album.

Move” by Little Mix


THEY ARE BACK! The X-Factor made girl group has released their first single off their upcoming second album!

Move” features a very fun, sassy, feminine,  dance track with great vocals and harmonies on top of that. This song was definitely a great choice as a first single.

This song definitely gives the same dance, fun feel that we heard in their debut single “Wings.”

I first heard of this group last year when my friend showed me the music video to “Wings.” It wasn’t until after Glee covered “Wings” in their season four finale that I began to find an interest in the group.

After hearing their first album I was pleased and definitely became an instant fan. These girls are definitely filling the hole in my heart that once was held by Danity Kane and Pussycat Dolls.

The group brings together a cute video as well. With the use of nice choreography, flirty faces, and sex appeal the girls really know how to sell this song. It is a great party and dance track and typical girl group material. It’s very fun to listen to and I for one can’t wait for the release of “Salute.”

Until then check out this song and if you aren’t familiar with this band you definitely need to check them out!

“Christmas Time to Me” by Jordin Sparks


Now it’s time to break into everybody’s favorite time of the year, Christmas. That’s right folks the holiday music is already being released and there is no way to escape it, but after you hear this song you won’t want to resist…well more like you won’t be able to.

Off of the soundtrack for the upcoming film, “Best Man Holiday” Jordin Sparks graces the world with her beautiful voice and a feel good dance track entitled “Christmas Time to Me.

The song tells the story of a love who is feeling without this holiday. Stating that no matter what she does or where she goes it won’t be Christmas without the one that she loves to be there and experience it with her.

The song features the typical bells and chimes that most Christmas songs do, along with a frisky, fun piano beat and then you have Jordin’s amazing vocals to ice off this cake that is Christmas magic!

jordin-sparks-christmastime-to-meIf this song doesn’t get you hyped and ready for the Holidays then I don’t know what will!

This will be Jordin’s fourth Christmas single others including; “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” from the “This Christmas” soundtrack, “Angels are Singing” as part of ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas, and then “Do You Hear What I Hear” from the “A Very Special Christmas” collection.

This is also the second newest song we have heard from the artist since her appearance on “Sparkle.” If all you Sparks fans remember, the amazing artist blessed us all with “Skipping a Beat” over the summer and then, unfortunately, didn’t release anything else.

1249290063According to Jordin’s twitter she has a full album record and is just waiting for her team to give the green light to begin promotion, releasing, and selling! I for one have been waiting forever and can’t wait for new Jordin music!

Until that day comes we still have her beautifully angelic voice gracing us here with this track. When I hear this song I imagine cheesy girl group dancing and ice skating. It’s a weird combination I know, but it’s awesome really!

I really hope to hear this song and see Jordin perform it on all the Christmas specials that are to come this December! So put on your Santa hat and take a listen!



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