Glee Takes on Billy Joel (First Listen)

Well since I first heard the rumors swarm around that Glee was going to be taking on the iconic Billy Joel I was completely and absolutely anxious to hear what was going to come from the Glee club. From songs like She’s Got a Way to Vienna to Everybody Loves You Now, there are so many possible hits.

Unfortunately Glee won’t be covering any of the songs that I have listed above but we do have 7 Billy greats that are going to be taken on by the ever so talented cast of Glee. Below I have posted the videos and my thoughts on the song individually.

Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)-Blaine & Sam

Now this cover isn’t too bad. I will say that Blaine and Sam did a pretty good job with it. No drastic changes…actually no changes at all to the original arrangement. I will say that the cover isn’t something that is amazing or absolutely unforgettable, but it is a pretty good job.

This was good, but nothing too impressive. In all reality I could have gotten the same sound from the original.

Piano Man-Blaine

Okay so this song was first heard on Glee in season one when Neil Patrick Harris sang a bit of the song during the episode entitled, “Dream On.”

I will say that if I had to choose between Blaine and Neil’s version I would have to give it to Blaine. He is doing very well with the song and I like the way his voice fits the song musically. I wonder if we are going to see Blaine jam out at the piano for this one?

I will say though I’d prefer to hear Colton Dixon or Billy Joel’s version over this version. It isn’t anything different or new. I am all for sticking to the original and paying homage, but Glee has always been one to bring something different to their versions, which is why I love their covers so much.

You May Be Right-New Directions

Okay now this song is great. It’s fresh and original and the vocals are awesome together. They did a great balance with tones and the harmonizing is great. It’s full of energy and this one has to be my favorite one so far. Great job guys!


I have always adored Artie’s vocals and he always surprises me when he comes out with a solo during an episode. They are pretty rare now a days, which is sad, but I love the silky smoothness that his voice holds.

He has a true R&B, soft toned, voice and his runs are so awesome. I like what he is doing here too, it’s simple, raw, and very Artie. Why is Artie singing this song though? Trouble in paradise with Kitty? :0 drama!

An Innocent Man-Ryder

I personally LOVE this song from Billy Joel. Of course my favorite album from Billy Joel would have to be “An Innocent Man” and this song is one of my favorites from it. Also Ryder is another person on the show that has a very under rated voice.

He has a great tone and quality and smoothness to his voice as well which makes me love him singing this song that much more. He does a fare job and I like what he brought to the song. I also love that it’s a solo. I think it’s weird that the men are taking control during this episode, I have yet to her a female dominate yet.

In any case Ryder has a solo which only means one thing…he is finally getting a story line…or continuing one?

Just the Way You Are-Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Rachel, Sam

Oh look another love song being sung by Klaine…there is something different. You know I think that Rachel and Blaine sound perfect together. I love how well they harmonize and compliment each other. That was a good way to start the song off. This is one of the few times I enjoyed Kurt’s vocals.

Now this is a weird bunch to be singing together, but rumor has it that Blaine and Sam are heading to New York for this episode and I would have to say that this here song would only confirm thus rumors. In any case this song was good and I enjoyed hearing Santana and Rachel!

Yet this song, once again, didn’t really stick out to me. I really hope that the performances this week aren’t boring. Usually I fall in love with the songs after I see them on the show. It’s rare that I absolutely love them before, but we shall see.

My Life-Jake

Okay I could see why they chose Jake to sing this song and he doesn’t disappoint. I would have to say that he definitely did a good job at carrying the song and bringing forth the attitude that is necessary to perform this song.

Isn’t my favorite of the episode, but I do like this song a whole lot more now. Before I didn’t like this song, but Jake did a well enough job to make me enjoy it a lot more.

All in all it wasn’t too bad, while some of the songs are a disappoint the fact that Billy Joel is getting shown off to Glee’s audience makes my heart very happy. My favorites are definitely; Honesty, An Innocent Man,  & You May be Right.

But there you have them Gleeks! Enjoy and be sure to catch Glee Thursday at 8/9c on FOX.


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