This One’s for the Troops

In addition to the 12 tunes of Christmas I am going to be sharing some Christmas songs that I love, but felt aren’t necessarily a big part of the Christmas season just yet. All these songs are original songs that were written and recorded by current day artist and each have a special meaning to me, today we celebrate the troops that fight for us on a daily basis.

Santa+Bring+My+Soldier+Home+51rObdhvSgL_SS500_Could you image what it’d be like to spend Christmas Eve, and day, without your family? I know that I would never be able to see myself spending a Christmas without my family. It’s my favorite holiday in the entire world and I know that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else then at home surrounded by family while we open presents on Christmas morning.

Unfortunately there are many people who have to spend Christmas without their family. Our military not only sacrifice their lives for us, but they also sacrifice their time. The spend countless holidays, birthday, graduations, etc. overseas or on base. They miss out on special moments and occasions because they are fighting for us.

The-Stunners-Dancin-Around-The-TruthIn recognition to this idea, and the idea that many spouses spend Christmas by themselves as they pray for their soldiers over seas, girl group The Stunners released an original Christmas song entitled “Santa Bring My Solider Home.

The song was released in 2009, but I heard it for the first time this past Christmas. My friend was introducing me to a new singer who was on the rise. That singer was Tinashe. After extensive research I stumbled upon her old girl group, The Stunners. I then found this beautiful Christmas song.

iStock_000023643502_ExtraSmallIn addition to the song I found a video of the girls recording the song and explaining why they choose to write and sing this song. It’s in hopes that people will realize how lucky they are to have their families with them and to know that we are very fortunate. Which is, unfortunately, a theme that gets lost with all the maddness that is Christmas.

Having a cousin in the army I have seen how much it can effect a person to not have their son, brother, grandson, nephew, etc. around for a special time like Christmas. It isn’t the same and to them they feel as though the family isn’t complete.

hqdefaultIn any case we should all say a prayer and thank God that not only are we fortunate to have all the blessings we receive Christmas morning, but also for being able to see our family that day. Remember there is always someone less fortunate than you, so be thankful for the time, people, and things you have.

This song is dedicated to anyone who has a loved one fighting overseas that they won’t be able to see this Christmas. We thank you for your service and pray for a save return.


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