It’s a Jordin Sparks Christmas!

Out of all the Idols there is one in particular that I always find myself missing! Between her flawless beauty and that amazing voice how could you not want to hear more of this girl? I’m talking about the one and only Jordin Sparks! While her songs are amazing, nothing makes me happier than when Jordin lends that beautiful voice to Christmas music!

wiv12011-wideOver the past few years Jordin has released a total of 5 Christmas songs! Why we haven’t gotten a full Christmas album is beyond me, but that is definitely something that she should consider doing!

In any case Jordin has always been great at adding her own twist and providing Christmas Cheer to her fans with every Christmas single that she releases. Most of the time Jordin is contributing to some Christmas film’s soundtrack but each time I fall more in love with her.

Below I have provided the songs and a few reasons why the song is amazing! I hope you enjoy and this should definitely get you in the mood for the holidays! Be sure you add each song to your Christmas collection.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas (2007)

515aOTONq-LAs her contribution to the “The Christmas” soundtrack the one and only Jordin lent her beautiful R&B vocals to the holiday classic that was originally recorded by the legendary Bing Crosby.

I already posted about this beautiful rendition as part of my 12 Tunes of Christmas so I will spare y’all the redundancy and let you listen and read for yourself!

12 Tunes of Christmas Day 8

Angels are Singing (2011)

12-dates-of-christmas-661306lFor ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas Jordin put a nice upbeat little twist on the classic 12 days of Christmas with her song “Angels are Singing.”

Featuring the traditional lyrics of the 12 Days of Christmas a beautiful chorus and bridge is added to tell you that Christmas is beautiful and Angels are singing making this a joyous and wonderful day.

The song is fun to listen to and sing along with and Jordin, of course, provides a flawless vocal to this awesome song! The song was also featured in the ABC Family movie “12 Dates of Christmas.” which I have not seen, but if it’s as fun and awesome as this song I will be sure to watch soon.

Do You Hear What I Hear? (2012)

downloadA Very Special Christmas, is a series of Christmas albums that feature a variety of artist performing either original, or covering classic, Christmas songs. In 2012 the series celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a 25 year album.

On this album Jordin took on one of my favorite Christmas classics “Do You Hear What I Hear?” More forceful than the original, Jordin brings a faster pace and popish infusion to this Christmas classic that tells the tale of Jesus’ birth.

This song has to be at the top of the list in my favorites for Jordin because it has everything I love about her in it. Her notable rifts, crazy belts and awesome high notes, mixed with her R&B tone and lower register equal this beautiful and soulful rendition.

This song is one of my favorite songs to sing along to at this time of the year and it offers up something new and enjoyable for Christmas fans everywhere! You go Jordin, you definitely killed it with this one here!

Christmas Time to Me (2013)

51o6Z1GjBWL._SL500_AA280_The soundtrack for the new holiday film, “Best Man Holiday” features many of R&B’s best voices from Mary J. Blige to Ne-Yo, Monica to Mario, Emeli Sande to John Legend, to…yes you guessed it Jordin herself!

Singing an upbeat ballad about missing someone on Christmas, Jordin brings her beautiful rifts and spot on belts to my favorite song this season! I promise you this song is so amazing that by the time it is over you are begging for more.

It makes you wish that the song surpassed the 3 minute length. It’s infectious, festive, fun, dancy, and just an amazing song all together! It’s probably my favorite Jordin Sparks Christmas song ever. Don’t believe me? Go a head, take a listen.

This is My Wish (2013)

hqdefaultPartnering with Glade, Jordin Sparks released a new holiday anthem for Glade’s holiday project earlier this month. With this song Glade is also donating $150,000 to the Toys for Tots foundation. This song embodies everything that Christmas stands for and everything that Christmas should be.

Featuring the Young People’s choir of New York, Jordin Sparks lends her soft and serenading voice to lyrics such as;

“Fill the air with joyful noise, ring the bells and raise your voice, let there be peace on earth.”

The song has an accompanying music video that was released on Glade’s website. This is Jordin’s first Christmas video and it’s beautiful. It features Jordin and the choir singing through a beautiful Forrest that resembles a winter wonderland. The song has been released for free download on Glade’s website until Dec. 31.

I love this song, it’s beautiful, peaceful, and really shows the true meaning of Christmas and the feelings that we should be promoting this holiday season!

Well there you have it! A Jordin Sparks Wonderland. I hope you have found some new music to add to your Christmas collections and that your day has been made just as mine has! I love you Jordin and I look forward to new music in 2014!

Oh and here’s an idea for a new Christmas song how about an R&B version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with your boo thang Jason Derulo!


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