New Christmas Diva???

For many years Mariah Carey has stolen the crown as the Christmas Diva. Releasing two platinum holiday albums that included one of the biggest selling holiday songs of our generation, Mariah Carey has done pretty well for herself during this season. Yet I can’t help but wonder if there is a new diva coming just around the bend.

downloadIn many way Ariana Grande has been compared to the legendary Mariah Carey. From her beauty to her amazing whistle register to her wonderful and smooth wispy voice. Everyone has called Ariana the Mariah of our generation, but could Ariana possibly be claiming that spot earlier than expected?

Well before her big rise to fame Ariana’s music was found predominantly on her Youtube channel and they were mainly covers. With that being said, some of my favorite covers she ever did was when she did Christmas music.

ariana-grande-christmas-kisses-press-shotRanging from all types of traditional songs to even an original her Youtube channel was like Christmas all the time. Even better was that on Tuesday the full length Christmas Kisses Ep was released on Itunes for Arianators everywhere enjoy some new Christmas music from the lovely lady herself.

Now I may be speaking very soon, but I feel that the Christmas diva crown may have to be passed down very soon. Between her songs “Last Christmas” and “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone for Christmas” to her versions of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Ariana has proved worthy of this title.

ariana-grande-christmas-albumWith the same beauty, smoothness, and amazing whistle register, Ariana Grande is providing the same fun, happy, cherry, feel that Mariah used to provide in her holiday albums. Yet there is something different about Ariana’s songs. I can’t quite point it out but it’s just so alive.

I love her EP and her Youtube covers never get old. Below I’ve linked all the videos of her versions of the songs to get you in the holiday spirit. I will say you are not a true Arianator nor are you a real Christmas fan unless these songs are part of your collection.

Enjoy the songs and be sure to check out my 12 Tunes of Christmas section to get more recommendations of wonderful Christmas music to own.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Ft. Mac Miller

20121225-MAC_MILLERI already touched on this song in the 12 Tunes of Christmas (Day 7) post so feel free to click the link above and get my thoughts and feeling on her and Mac Miller’s beautiful rendition of this song. Until then enjoy!

“Chestnuts (Roasting on an Open Fire)” Ft. Liz Gillies

ariana-liz-christmas-songThe original duet with Ms. Liz Gillies is very beautiful. These two girls are very talented and their voices blend so very beautifully together. There is no other pair that I would want to hear sing this song but these two.

I don’t think I have any other version of this song that comes close to my love for this version. Sung in a soothing, serenading low tone with occasional high notes, this song is so beautifully done. They stick to a piano/jazzy back beat that will definitely be perfect to lul someone to sleep or cuddle up to.

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

ariana-grande-merry-christmasI want to start by saying that this song generally really annoys me. I don’t know what it is about this song, it could be that it is just everywhere, but I tend to really dislike this song. Also I find this song really boring.

Yet when I heard Ariana Grande’s version of this song I was in love. It could be bias but I can’t handle how perfect this song is. Between her beautiful belts and soothing high notes it is impossible for you to love this song and not want to play it on repeat.

This song will definitely put you in the holiday spirit and have you ready to spread the cheer to everyone else. I feel like this is a fire place and hot chocolate type of song. It’s like this version of this song is what you play as the kids decorate the tree and you cuddle up by the fire place with hot chocolate.

“I Don’t Wanna Be Alone for Christmas”

artworks-000063020087-d48mh8-cropThis song right here! Oh my gosh, when I first heard it I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but after a while I found out that I absolutely am in love with this song. This song gave me the same filling that Mariah Carey did when she covered “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home.)

It’s festive, upbeat, and very Christmasy. Between the bells, the chimes, and the dancy beat this song is the exact feel that almost every great Christmas song provides. Lyrically the song is kind of sad, but at the same time it’s just a fun song to sing and dance to.

Ariana pleads for her love to not leave her alone for Christmas, because she doesn’t want to be alone for Christmas. This song is beautifully sung and Ariana really puts you in the Christmas mood with this one! This song should have been apart of her EP, or at least a song like it.

“Last Christmas”

ariana-grande-last-christmas-artworkA modern day twist on a Christmas classic is what this song is. Using the same hook made famous by WHAM! back in 1984, Ariana adds her soulful voice and some nice new lyrics to a new Christmas hit. You know what at this point the song speaks for its self. Just listen.

“Love is Everything”

Ariana-Grande-Love-Is-Everything-2013-1200x1200Showing off her charitable side and her amazing range, Ariana Grande sings about giving love and your heart out for Christmas. The song says that giving love during the holiday is really what it is about. Not the material things, which I have to agree with.

This song stands for what Christmas used to be about, what Christmas should still be about. I feel like people get so lost in the chaos of presents and money and greed that Christmas has lost its special feeling that it was once known for.

Instead of being happy at this time people are stressed and annoyed with shopping and dealing with people and buying the best gift. It’s ridiculous. So Ariana belts and serenades the world with this beautiful holiday song that shows the world, “Love is Everything!”

“Snow in California”

snow-in-californiaThis song right her has to be the most beautiful holiday song that I’ve heard in a really long time. It’s a slow little ballad about someone who wants the one they love to not leave after the holidays are over. While snow in California is a very unlikely thing it is a cute and sweet sentiment.

Ariana Grande provides a beautiful vocal to lyrics that touch your heart like;

Can you just make it snow in California, I’ll even settle for rain. Don’t want him to go tomorrow morning, give me something to make him stay.”

This song is sad, but sweet and so beautiful all at the same time. I literally put it on repeat like all the time and I just can’t get enough of this song! It’s amazing and it’s my favorite off her EP!

“Santa Baby” Ft. Liz Gillies

Ariana-Grande-Santa-Baby-2013-1200x1200The thing is I couldn’t take Ariana Grande seriously singing this song. It’s so flirtatious and sexy and Ariana is so sweet and innocent to me. Plus the arrangement of this song is very kid like to me and it just makes it very awkward.

In any case, vocally, this song is amazing. Liz and Ariana are honestly so vocally compatible that it makes me so jealous. I want a vocal soulmate and they are really hard to find. But it’s fun and cute and it’ isn’t that bad of a cover! You go Ariana!

I hope you enjoyed this little Ariana tribute! She definitely is coming out strong and I look forward to her upcoming sophomore album that is set to drop in 2014! 😮


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