Our Generation’s Female Icons

From Celin to Mariah and Whitney to Christina, there are a few female vocalist in the world of music who have rightfully taken the title, “Voice of a Generation.” With amazing ranges to intriquet and unique little quirks that have made them the icons they are today these women will forever be infamous. Now if we look at today’s artist I have found that history is about to repeat itself in these next four up and coming artist.

In 2013 so much happened for these female singers. From winning Dancing with the stars to number 1 debut albums and debut singles, this year went to the amazing ladies with impeccable voices! With articles and reports naming these women the newest divas of the game I thought it was finally time for me to way in on the issue.

Ariana Grande the new Mariah Carey

71xDNu6cYuL._SL1500_Possessing the same whispy low tones, amazing and perfect whistle register, along with her smooth and sexy R&B delivery, Ariana Grande was instantly compared to the biggest diva of them all.  From radio DJ’s to popular magazines everyone was calling Ms. Ariana the new Mariah Carey.

Already following in the icon’s footsteps Ariana Grande released her debut single, “The Way,” which went straight to number one, as did Mariah Carey’s debut single “Visions of Love.”  Then later in the year Ariana dropped her debut album, “Yours Truly” that became a smash hit and stole the number 1 spot for a good while. Just as Mariah Carey’s debut album “Mariah Carey.”


Soon after Ariana was everywhere. From hot 97 to the American Music Awards, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to New Year’s Rockin Eve. Performing and recording with artist such as Big Sean, Nathan Skyes, and Mac Miller this new R&B princess seems to be taking a page out of Mariah Carey’s book and using it very well.

The thing that really blows my mind about Ariana, is that she is this stunningly beautiful, sweet, and talented young woman who knows she is talented, yet doesn’t posses a big ego, nor has she let the fame take over her. She is still very humble and speaks her mind. In every interview I have seen her in she seems very down to earth and that is something we don’t get with Mariah.

images (1)Along with taking on the R&B world Ariana has also followed Mariah’s footsteps in taking over the holiday music charts. Starting on November 19th the singer began releasing a new Christmas single every week leading up the release of her Christmas EP, ‘Christmas Kisses.” While her songs may not have become as much of a hit as “All I Want for Christmas is You,” I couldn’t help but still see a resemblance in influence and sound.

Listen to Ariana Grande’s Christmas Hits Here

downloadCurrently Ariana is starring in Nickelodeon’s sitcom “Sam & Kat” and is already in the studio working on her sophomore studio album that is set for a February release I believe. I can honestly say that I am in love with Ariana and I can’t get enough of her. “Tattooed Heart,” “Honeymoon Avenue,” “Better Left Unsaid,” and “Right There” have stolen my heart and, to me, “Yours Truly” was one of the best albums of 2013.

I see big things in 2014 and in the rest of her career. Until then here is the new diva covering and killing the Mariah Carey smash hit “Emotions.”

Demi Lovato the new Christina Aguilera

demi-lovato-410Spinning out of a Disney Channel hit both Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera share a lot of things in common. Both started out in Disney, then both lent their voices to Disney soundtracks and then both released a pop bubble gum debut album. While Demi went on to try her hand in the rock world, Christina took a turn for R&B.

Another thing these two women shared in common is a drastic change, not only in their music, but also in their personality and the way they are presented. While Christina’s change was from a pop bubble gum princess to a sexual, strong and independent woman, Demi’s change was from a drug abusing addict to a strong and more mature woman.

demi-lovato-disney-frozenWhy I chose to resemble Demi to Christina is for one main reason. When it comes to the hit makers of the 90’s Christina is very underrated. Being overcasted by acts such as Britney Spears and Nsynce, Christina Aguilera hasn’t really been appreciated for her vocals the way she should.

In all reality Christina could out sing any female and possbily even any male singer of that decade. With a, what seems like, never ending range, to a beautiful soulful voice, that has it’s own personality with the growls and high notes Christina is flawless vocallly. Unfortunately she hasn’t seen much publicity and modern day success as her peers Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

cos-02-demi-lovato-deUnfortunately, I feel that Demi is following in those footsteps. There is no doubt about it that Demi Lovato can out sing her peers like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and even Taylor Swift. Yet you don’t hear much from Demi, nor do you see her receiving as much publicity as these other artist.

Demi’s voice, just like Christina’s, is full of power, beauty, soul, and possess something that can’t be taught. It is a true gift that is a blessing and not many people have it. While Demi and Christina aren’t completely overlooked, I would like for these two to have more success in the year to come.


Both women are beautiful and both have been persecuted in the tabloids. From body image to drug use, to quote on quote “spinning out of control behavior” these two have seen more publicity criticizing them rather than praising their vocals and amazing songs.

In 2013 Demi Lovato released her fourth studio album “Demi” and it only peaked at number 3 but spun out a number one hit in “Heart Attack.”

Currently Demi Lovato is about to begin her 2014 “Neon Lights” tour, which I will be attending. Along with that you can find Demi at the judging table of The X-Factor US and starring alongside Ms. Naya Rivera as Dani on the Fox hit show Glee. I see big things in Demi’s future and there is no doubt that her voice is a blessing and will definitely go down in history.

Now enjoy the beautiful songstress as she takes on Christina’s song “Mercy On Me.”

Lea Michele the new Celin Dion

Lea-Michele-Louder-2014-1200x1200There was no doubt about it to me, while Lea Michele has been compared to such legends as Barbra Streisand and Idina Menzel, I could only think of one legend that this young lady reminded me of. The one and only Ms. Celin Dion.

My first encounter with Lea Michele, as with many others, was when Fox’s smash hit “Glee” premiered back in 2009. I immediately knew that Lea Michele was going to take over that show and that her powerhouse vocals where going to bring her to the top of the music world.

lea michele 2012+Something+Awards+Red+Carpet august 2012 bNow while Celin and Lea’s beginnings don’t coincide, where Celin is at now and where Lea is heading seem to parallel pretty well.

I didn’t really see this resemblance until Lea Michele graced the world with her debut single, “Cannonball” in early December. I was like this song is alright and her vocals, of course, are amazing but I don’t think that it really is my cup of tea. I love it because it’s a Lea Michele single but I’m not sure if I see much of a success in the younger world.

Then it clicked. Just like Celin Dion I can see Lea Michele being more of an adult contemporary artist. This point was proven after Lea Michele released her second single “Battlefield.” possessing some of the same stylistic choices that Celin Dion has made in her more contemporary material, “Battlefield” is a song I could definitely hear Celin Dion singing.

lea-michele-singing-hobbiesBoth ladies uphold a very sophisticated and mature manner, with powerful voices and unique stage presence that can’t be described. I see Lea Michele as more of a traditional singer with a very beautiful voice and a young following. I love Lea’s new single and I definitely can’t wait for her debut album “Louder” to be released.

Another thing I feel is very “Celin” of Lea is that she only releases material that means something to her. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Lea Michele said that each of the songs on her new album meant something to her and that she wasn’t going to record and release material that didn’t hold a place in her heart.

7827426_600x338I feel that Celin Dion is the same way. All of her singles have some deeper meaning and have really great feeling behind them. They don’t just release music that is popular or music that will appeal to the masses. They both release great music that holds meaning and shows what singing is all about.

In any case there are only bigger things to come from Lea and I know that her career is just blossoming and she will have a very very successful career like Celin. So until her album drops here is Lea covering one of my favorite Celin Dion songs “To Love You More.”

Amber Riley the new Whitney Houston


Now this wouldn’t be a complete list unless we pointed out the voice herself, Ms. Whitney Houston. From the 80’s til her tragic death in 2012 this woman was the biggest success of them all. Known for her belts and soft R&B voice, Whitney was a once in a life time type of talent.

With that being said there is one lady who I feel comes close enough to be compared to her. Now while Amber Riley hasn’t ventured into the music world like her Glee costars Mark Sailings, Matthew Morrison, Naya Rivera and Lea Michele, I feel that Amber could have a very huge career if she did.

AmberRileyTopComing off a Dancing with the stars win now is the time to strike. I feel that this talented young lady needs to start gracing the world with her beautiful voice and some fresh new material. I know for a fact that if she were to release an album she could be just as successful as the R&B princess Whitney Houston. (I say Princess because Aretha Franklin is the Queen.)

Now while Amber has been compared to the great Aretha Franklin I feel that her voice more matches up to Whitney’s. Possessing the same R&B smoothness, emotionally filled belts and soulfully infused high notes, Whitney is definitely the first person that I think of when I hear Amber sing.

Trevor Live at the Hollywood PalladiumWhile starring in the Fox hit television series,  Glee,  Amber covered many Whitney hits and each time she proved that her songs were not much of a challenge. She proved that she could be just as soulful, just as amazing and just as pitch perfect as the late legend herself. I enjoyed every cover and actually prefer her version of “I Look to You” over Whintey’s.

I’m going to say that I am hoping for some original material from Amber Riley this year and hopefully it will happen. Until then here is Amber Riley’s beautiful rendition of “I Will Always Love You.”

While there are other very successful female artist that are being compared to the greats such as; Carrie Underwood to Martina McBride, Beyonce to Tina Tuner, Miley Cyrus to Britney Spears and Lady Gaga the new Madonna, these women have already begun and are having a successful career.

Ariana, Demi, Lea and Amber are the ones to watch for because they are just starting and they all have bright futures ahead of them. If I were these other artist I would watch out because these ladies are going to take over the music world! Here’s to a great new generation of music and vocalist.


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