Cannonball Premiere

It’s finally here!!! After months and months of waiting, teasing, and promoting, Lea Michele has finally released the debut music video for her single “Cannonball.” While staying simple the video is all together beautiful, complex, and was definitely worth the wait.

CannonballWhile the video has only been released for a total of 6 hours it has already reached half a million views and I for one love this video. Where do I even begin to explain the brilliance that is this video? I’ll take it one moment at a time.

UntitledIn the beginning we hear the chiming of wind chimes that are being complimented with a gust of wind and the images of an abandoned building. The building is filled with debris and is dark. After a while we get taken to a shot of Lea Michele sitting in a room with no light except for a small beam of light that is shinning through a hole in the wall.

Lea MichelThen her beautiful vocals powerfully command your attention with the first line of the song, “Break Down!” As the song progresses and the video continues Lea continues to belt the tune as she walks around and takes us through the building. From the verse to the chorus and from the chorus to the second verse we see the room illuminating little by little as more holes are revealed and items begin to fall, like a piano.

Music VideoDuring the second verse we are taken back and forth between shots of Lea Michele in the abandoned building from the beginning of the video to her in a smaller room that is illuminated with a blue light where she can  be seen leaning on a wall as a fan blows. These are gorgeous shots of her singing.

Lea MicheleBefore the second chorus sets in we get a shot of Lea in a set that is decorated with these streams of (what looks like) light balls that are connected by a wire. They are flashing different shades of purple and crimson. As the lights flash and sparkle we get to see Lea Michele singing and dancing through the decorations.

250wThen comes my favorite part of the entire video. Right as the bridge ends and the final chorus comes up we are taken to a shot of Lea standing in front of a wall that has various holes and has a beautifully colored arrangement of lights shinning through. She belts out the final part of the song as we are taken from shots of her standing in front of this screen, her in the blue hallway and dancing through the lights.

Cannon Ball LeaNow I can’t lie, before I saw this video I wasn’t the biggest fan of this song. I didn’t think that it was that good nor did I think it was going to have an appeal to younger audiences, but for some reason after watching this video I was completely in love. There are so many reasons to love this video.

LeaTo begin with Lea Michele brings such a powerful and strong presence to this video. From the beginning to the end you get this sense of power and this sense of independence and clarity that is shinning through her. It’s like if her voice doesn’t capture your attention (which I don’t know why it wouldn’t.) then just her mere presence will.

Lea-Michele-Cannonball-VideoFrom her facial expressions, to the emotion she places behind the lyrics, to the sets, to the lighting, to the poses that she is in, you are just entangled in the same feeling that she has during the shoot. It’s like I watched this video and couldn’t help but root for her and to feel like I was just as powerful and happy.

I also loved how the video’s setting and feel followed the progression of the song. The song is a story of gathering your strength and moving on with your life even after something has brought you down. Just like the person in the song the video goes from a dark place at the beginning to a bright and beautiful end, just as the song says. was scared to death I was losing my mind, (Break down) I couldn’t close my eyes I was pacing around. I think I found the light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn’t find the truth I was going under.”

Now I can’t continue without stating the obvious reason why this video is perfect, Lea Michele looks absolutely GORGEOUS! From every aspect of the video there was not a point in time where I did’t find myself thinking, “damn Lea you look hell of good right now!” She is awesome and between her flawless voice and beautiful look this video is set to be a hit.

Lea-Michele-Louder-2014-1200x1200I have to hand it to Lea, is has done a great job with her debut. The song is positive, strong, and fresh. It’s a new start and it’s definitely a new look and a new Lea and it’s perfect. When you watch this video you don’t see Rachel Berry from Glee, you see a strong, beautiful and very talented young woman. It’s perfect and this just made me even more ready for her debut album.

Louder is set to drop in March and Glee is set to return in late February. So until then we at least have this video and the audio of Lea’s second single “Battlefield” available for our viewing and listening pleasures. Enjoy!


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