Battle of the Singles

With less than two months left before Lea Michele’s debut album “Louder” drops fans have been given yet another reason to grow anxious for its arrival. As of yesterday Lea Michele has released yet another song from the album. That’s right the songstress has now released 3 singles from the album as incentives for fans to go and preorder her album on Itunes.

lea-michele-cannonball-lgOn December 10th fans were given the debut single “Cannonball” and reactions to the single were crazy. Fans everywhere were so excited to hear this song, especially since it had been announced that the song was about Lea Michele’s late boyfriend Cory Monteith.

As an uplifting, positive outlook on her situation, Lea Michele was given the song “Cannonball” by singer/song writer Sia. While visiting Ellen Degeneres on her day time talk show, Lea talked about meeting Sia, stating that when she and Sia talked about Lea’s situation and emotions that she, “quoted the lyrics exactly.”

Music VideoIn a Glee stars first, Lea Michele became the first star off the show to release a single that landed on the Billboard top 100. Even though fellow cast mates Matthew Morrison, Mark Sailings, and Naya Rivera have all released singles, or albums, Lea Michele was the first to break into the US charts, yet it only peaked at number 75, but reached number 12 on Itunes charts.

Yet even though it didn’t do so good in the Billboard charts as one may have hoped, the release of the music video proved to be very beneficial to fan reception to the song. Reaching over 2 million views within the first 24 hours of release “Cannonball” was beginning to win the hearts of many Lea Michele fans, and we found ourselves routing for her again.


lea-michele-debuts-single-battlefieldThen came “Battlefield” later that month. As yet another incentive for fans Lea released the song as a “free bonus” to anyone who preordered her album. When “Battlefield” hit the itunes charts it hit them hard. I know that at some point the song had reached number 5 on Itunes top 200.

As a power ballad about a couple who knows that they should let each other go, “Battlefield” was stealing hearts everywhere. Not only was the song much talked about because of how amazing it was, but also because of the content. With lyrics like;

LeaMichele-BattlefieldIt’s easy to fall in love, but it’s so hard to break somebody’s heart what seemed like a good idea’s turned into a battlefield.”


You and I, we have to let each other go, we keep holding on but we both know, what seemed like a good idea has turned into a battlefield.”

critics and fans couldn’t help but wonder if the song was about Cory as well. While rumors ran rampant through the internet, as they usually do when songs such as “Battlefield” are released, many critics and fans argued against the statements that it was a song about Cory Monteith.

lea-michele-cory-monteith-lgThere was even a story written by hollywoodlife in which skepticism about Lea and Cory’s relationship was shown. The article questioned and stated that the couple was broken up when Cory tragically died in June of last year. Yet many other articles, and Lea herself, have proven otherwise.

Going to show that “Battlefield” was just a beautiful song that was written and released to showcase her beautiful range and the amazing material we can expect from the rest of the album. I have to be honest here, when I heard Battlefield I fell in love instantly. It was on repeat literally every day all day.

I couldn’t get enough of the beauty and intensity of the song. It’s so real and raw, emotional and captivating. There is no doubt that this song is definitely going to be one of my favorites. As a matter of fact I like it better than “Cannonball,” but that’s just me.

And then came Monday, January 15th 2014.

UntitledWith the anticipation building for her album Lea released the title track from her debut album “Louder.” This song is an upbeat, dancy, fun track. It definitely differs and shows a variety in the material that Lea is recording. Carried by a funky guitar and nice little dance track, “Louder,” has proven to be the single to beat.

Upon its release yesterday this song has reached number one status in 11 different countries and peaked at number 3 on the US Itunes charts, “Louder” is the song that is causing the most fan reaction.


When it comes to title tracks you’re always hoping for a song that sets the tone and message for what your album is about. Kind of a statement to sum up the album as a whole and I feel this single does just that.

It shows positivity, a new chapter, a fresh, young and happy feel. It’s as if this is what we have been waiting for since the tragic death of Cory. We are finally getting the happy Lea who is finally moving on and learning to create a happy start to a new chapter of her life, while still remembering and caring her first love with her.

I love the song, it shows Lea’s fun side, a side of her that we fell in love with on Glee when she covered songs like; “Don’t Stop Believing,” “Smile,” and every Madonna cover ever. It’s fun, pop infused, dancable, light hearted and has nice positive lyrics such as;

Step out of the shadows, step into the light. This could be the moment are you ready to fight? Don’t you know, you know? You’re not the only one.”


But I wanna hear your voice, don’t be afraid why don’t you scream a little louder.”

Lea-Michele-Louder-2014-1200x1200All together this is definitely a song that I could hear performed on Glee and on montages for uplifting teenagers.

“Louder” shows a positive message, and has a very attractive and unique sound to it. Lea carries the song with beautiful perfect vocals, and let’s be honest the song is infectious. I found myself singing along to it and having it stuck in my head just 5 minutes after hearing it.

With these three songs released it seems that everyone is better than the last. I can’t get enough of “Louder” and “Battlefield” and that makes me wonder if Lea made the right decision putting “Cannonball” as her lead single. In  any case all the songs are beautifully perfect and all of the songs mean something special to her.

With that being said I now ask you…which single do you like the best and are you just as anxious for this album as I am? Don’t forget to preorder “Louder” on Itunes or to buy it when it releases in March! Also don’t forget to tune into Glee on Fox starting up again in February with new and crazy surprises to come.

Until then here are the three singles for you to enjoy below! 🙂





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