Songs You Didn’t Know Were Also in Spanish…

This number 1 hit, also from the 60s, has been covered from artist such as Frank Sinatra, The Supremes and Temptations, Shirley Bassey and many other hit artist. But which one translated this song into the Latin hit that it became?

Can’t Take My Eyes off of You-Lauren Hill (1998)

220px-LaurynHillTheMiseducationofLaurynHillalbumcoverOriginally recorded and released by singer Frankie Valli, “Can’t Take My Eyes off of You” was rereleased in 1998 by singer/rap Lauren Hill. Til this day the song continues to hold high regards in the world of R&B due to this cover. The song was included in Lauren Hill’s debut number 1 album, “The Miseductation of Lauren Hill.”

With a new twist on the arrangement and melody this version tends to be the favorite among-st many artist who cover the song today. Her version of the song is slower and is infused with a pop and R&B and even an acapella type feel. Lauren Hill lends some beautiful and smooth vocals to the foreground while still offering up the doo wops, and beat boxing in the background as well.

Basically if you enjoyed Lauren Hill’s song “Doo Wop (That Thing)” and the refugee song “Killing me Softly,” then you would totally love this new twist on an old classic.

SeducciónIn 2004 Latin singer Jennifer Pena released her third studio album, and one of the last singles that was released from the album was her version of the hit song entitled “No Hay Nadie Igaul Como Tu.”

Pena’s version of the song offers the same young, and pop feel to the song without the beat boxing and doo wops. It’s a faster tempo than Hill’s version, but a slower tempo than Valli’s version. Also there is definitely more influence from funk and the original mix of the song on this version.

I personally favor Jennifer Pena’s version over any other version that I have heard before. I also think that you could take the arrangement and notes that Pena has and turn it into a spanglish cover. I think that would be the perfect version, if  done right.

The song is timeless and the story of the song is relatable to every generation, and no matter who covers the song I’m sure there is one version out there that you are bond to love. The single sent both Lauren Hill’s and Jennifer Pena’s albums into the number one spot and til this day gain the artist recognition.

Take a listen to the two beautiful songstress’ versions below.


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