New Music 2014 (Country)

I Will have to say that Country is coming hard this year. From Jennifer Nettles’ solo project to these next two songs that have been released, 2014 is shaping up to be a good year in Country music. With more songs about love and voices that make you fall in love these songs are sure to be hits and heard everywhere very soon.

“Rewind”-Rascal Flatts

RascalFlattsRewindThe trio has done it yet again. Giving the world an amazing song about being in love. “Rewind” has a very edgy, rock/country feel that makes it very fun to listen to. The story of the song compliments the feel and paints a very pretty picture of wanting to relive a night that you will never forget.

The chorus alone will speak for the whole song;

“Let’s float the moon back into that sky, put a cork back into that sweet red wine. Put your midnight hair back up, so you can let it fall one more time. Untouch your skin, unkiss your lips and kiss them again. So good, so right, this is one night I’m wishin I could rewind.”

With amazing vocals and a very Rascal Flatts sound this song is a sure fire hit for the band. You definitely need to buy this song on Itunes. I’ll tell you one this this song has me excited for the album that will hopefully follow.

“Us Again”-Chuck Wicks

Chuck-Wicks-Us-Again-CountryMusicIsLove-1024x1024Better known for his 2007 hit “Stealing Cinderella,” Chuck Wicks is back with another possible hit. “Us Again” is a story of a man pleading for a girl to give him another chance, because he knows that they could be better than ever.

This song has the phrase “New Obsession” written all over it. If you like Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw and Hunter Hayes you will love this guy. This song uses elements of all the greats. Smooth and nice vocals, over a softly played guitar verse and a break down at the chorus.

This song reminded me a lot of Luke Bryan’s “Drunk on You” and Hunter Hayes “Wanted” fused with Rascal Flatts “Come Wake Me Up” and Time McGraw’s “Highway Don’t Care.”

If that’s not enough to make you want to listen and download this song these lines alone should;

“So tell me will you take me there, somewhere only you know where. I know we could be better than we’ve ever been, if we could be us again.”

This song is so insanely beautiful and everything about the song pulls you in. The music, the lyrics and of course vocals. Chuck Wicks has a very melting voice and it compliments very well with the other big names in country right now. I see a hit and even though he hasn’t been a big name in Country since his start in 2007, I feel 2014 may be his big year.


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