New Music 2014 (R&B/Pop)

These singers are the big names of R&B and Pop and they have delivered for you once again. From Rihanna to Enrique and Pitbull to Shakira here are three new songs that you are definitely going to be hearing soon.

“Nana”-Trey Songz

09214695a337c3f6963230f3d192a6f9Bringing the same sexual and smooth feel as the rest of his singles, Trey Songz has released a new song. The song construction is simple and easy to appreciate. With a nice, soft and sexy back beat complimented by suggestive lyrics like;

“Oh nana, why you gotta ask so naughty? Oh nana, bout to spend all this cash. Oh nana, if you keep shaking that ass.”

I will have to say that this isn’t the best effort to be released by the singer, but I can see a hit in the works. This is definitely a “bump n grind” song that you will hear in the clubs very soon. I guarantee it.

Vocally the song isn’t that much of a challenge, but Songz does keep the R&B silk & swagger that he is known for. I will say that Trey Songz is a great vocalist, and this song isn’t that bad, but I would have been a bit smarter about the first single to an album.

(I’m not for sure if an album is in the works, but I’m sure that Songz wouldn’t release a single without the intention of releasing a new album.)

I know this song will soon make it to my repeat list soon, so I can’t even hate on it. It’s sexy, fun, smooth and I like it, it just pails in comparison to his previous singles, “Dive In,” “Simply Amazing,” & “Heart Attack.” I’ll let you be your own judge though.

“Can’t Remember to Forget You”-Shakira ft. Rihanna


This sassy song is definitely something that I can see overtaking airways and clubs everywhere. I can’t lie, this was one of those duets that caught me completely off guard and had me like, wtfck?

Yet it was also one of those duets that surprised me in all the right ways, once I heard it that is. This song provides the best of both worlds. What I mean by that is, it has the spicy, latin, dancy, and sexy feel that we are used to when we hear Shakira hits, and also maintains the edgy, pop, and sensual feel of a Rihanna song.

When you get two strong, sexy, and talented women together you know damn will that no other song will stand a chance. This was also one of those songs that I had to listen to more than once to find the appreciation for it.

At first I was still a bit skeptical about it, but once I took the time to sit back and actually listen to the song I realized that it isn’t that bad.

Now I can’t go on without referencing another duet that Shakira did with an R&B queen. Back in 2007 Shakira teamed up with Beyonce for Beyonce’s song “Beautiful Liar.” Why is this relevant you ask? Well because, to me, it mirrors the same elements and sass that “Beautiful Liar had when it was released.

From the view point of two women who are going after a man who has done them wrong. The music to the song is very modern and unique and is definitely dance able and captivating. The lyrics are nice and relatable and the vocals are done very well. I like the song and you can also find a Spanish version, not featuring Riahnna, on Itunes.

“Freak”-Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull


I’m going to start this by saying that Enrique might as well have rereleased “I Like it.” I promise you that “Freak” and “I like it” are the same song.

It’s a “party anthem,” has a very upbeat and fast paced backbeat and features Enrique’s high tones, and Pitbull’s over done features.

I was very disappointed in this song, but only because it wasn’t what I expected from the song. I saw the title and I was ready for a Trey Songz, Chris Brown, R-kelly type of song. Yet that isn’t what I got.

Instead audience’s got a very upbeat club banger that contains lyrics that defend the argument that Enrique and Pitbull are apparently freaks?

Now I can’t completely hate on the song. It’s catchy, definitely a party song and whether I like it or not it will get tons of air time and clubs everywhere are going to play this song more than once.

The lyrics are hot, the beat is easy to dance too and definitely shows some disco influence and Pitbull…well I mean at this point in his career you have come to expect the same thing every time you hear him on a song. (Even his own.) In any case everyone’s music taste is different, so why don’t you listen to the audio and decide for yourself.


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