Songs You Didn’t Know Were Also in Spanish…

This 2010 R&B hit about a love that was tragically lost, was heard all over during its reign as a “heartbreak ballad” hit. Not only does this translation transform the song from English to Spanish, but also from a female to male perspective.

Impossible-Shontelle (2010)

Shontelle_No_GravityFresh off her debut album, Shontelligence, R&B Songstress Shontelle was ready to change her sound and bring the world something new. Feeling that the radio was missing a “heartbreak ballad” Shontelle conceived “Impossible.

From the very beginning somber sounds of piano keys progressing, complimented by the sound of rain, captures your attention and sets the story.

Then that first line comes in;

“I remember years ago, someone told me I should take, caution when it came to love I did. I did.”

I’m not quite sure if it’s the words in that lyric or if it’s the way she sings it, but it always gives me chills and put me into the right mind set to listen and sing along with this song.

Shontelle+Christopher+Dana+Reeve+Foundation+49Pgcjd0KtTlShontelle delivers the song with conviction, emotion, and a beautiful and soft R&B tone. Michael Menachem described Shontelle’s vocals and progression through the song as, “Similar to Beyonce’s in Irreplaceable.”

The song is powerful and filled with the music, lyrics and emotion to move you and captivate you. I remember when I first heard this song it was at a point where I was going through a “heartbreak” so it was perfect. It really is one of those songs that, if you’re going through it, it really speaks to you.

While the song never saw a number 1 status in airplay or Billboard, the song did peak at number 9 in the US pop charts and is the highest rated single from the songstress.

Then just when you thought you had heard the end of this song Frankie J. proved us wrong. As part of his, now Grammy nominated, 7th studio album Faith, Hope Y Amor, Frankie J. offered fans the song in Spanish.


The differences between the song are not very much. There is one big contrast between the two versions though. Frankie J’s version is carried more by drums and electric guitar where as Shontelle’s version is more of a toned down ballad, Frankie J’s is a power ballad.

To me, whenever a song is done is Spanish I always feel like there is more emotion put behind it. I don’t know if it’s because Spanish is such a romantic language and the wording is so strong when you speak, but I just felt like Frankie J’s version was definitely one that I enjoyed more.

My favorite part of Frankie J’s version is when he sings the chorus right before the end. It’s like there is so much heart in that one chorus that it moves you. It is so beautiful and I think he did an absolutely amazing job with the song. I don’t think there is much to compare as far as how good the song is.

Both singers have beautiful voices and the deliver the song with the right amount of feeling. Which is really what gets music to the heart of people, feeling. So go ahead and take a listen to both and be sure to tune in to the Grammy’s tonight to see if Frankie J’s album wins his nomination.


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