56th Grammy Awards-Performances and Reactions (Part 2)

If you thought the first half of the show was filled with awesome performances…just waited until you see what the second half of the show had in store…465320181_Taylor Swift-Imagine-Dragons-Kendrick-Lamar-467

Performance- Kendrick Lamar Ft. Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons begin the performance with their song “Radioactive.” Can I just say that this transition was the best one I’d heard all night long. I mean Kendrick came in and he went in. This performance had me hype for sure. I loved the white and red color scheme.

What I could have done without was Taylor Swift’s dancing. Can she like not? These are the Grammy’s not the VMA’s this is not okay Taylor!

Also this lead singer for Imagine Dragons wasn’t playing either. He hit center staged with Kendrick and just went in. And now they are banging on these drums while Kendrick freestyles. This performance is unexpectedly one of my favorites at this point. Could I download this version of the song?

Damn! This performance was just way too hype to handle…like the stage was smoking for a reason that place was on fire. Like all the artist from Jay-Z to Steven Tyler was paying respect. They did it up right, they said “We at the Grammy’s and we ain’t playing around.”


grammys-2014-kacey-musgraves-performance-ensemble__oPtPerformance- Kacey Musgraves

Between her beauty, her sweet country twang, her sweet voice and the fact that she is a break country artist makes it understandable as to why she is here. Like I’m not complaining, but also I don’t know how I feel about this performance. I mean I’m not a big Kacey Musgrave fan. But cute and sweet performance. Sorry you had to follow that hype ass performance before though…

Performance- Paul McCartney Ft. Ringo Star

I could basically copy and paste everything I wrote about Ringo’s performance into this one hear. Just as energetic, fun to watch and listen to and it was very honorable (in our eyes). The only thing that got me here was the video that was playing in the background? Like I’m really confused as to why all these celebrities were on a package dancing around. Great performance all these Beatle performances are awesome!

Performance- Willie Nelson and some other country people

I’m from Texas and country music runs in my blood. I love it and I appreciate all the greats such as Willie Nelson, but this performance is not my cup of tea…this is a bit too country for me, but you get it guys! Bring that true country back to the Grammy’s.

25e31a3a664bdf03490f6a7067007026Performance-Daft Punk, Pharrell Ft. Stevie Wonder

I absolutely love stevie wonder, am fond of Pharrell, not really educated on Daft Punk, but really dislike “Up All Night to Get Lucky.” Yet with that said this performance is what I love about music. Some great names, and a mix of a new hit with an old classic.

(They mixed Le Freak, Stronger, and Up All Night to Get Lucky.)

Even Paul McCartney and Ringo was up and getting it. I don’t think there was a person in the seats that wasn’t dancing. I loved the crowd response to this performance! This has to be the second hypest performance of the night. I JUST LOVE STEVIE WONDER!!!! This was great! Good job guys!

carole-king-sara-bareillesPerformance- Sara Bareilles Ft. Carole King

Performing behind the piano these very talented  ladies did a mash up of a Carol King song (That I’m not sure of the name) along with Brave. The performance was cute and simple. It took us back to great songwriting and great singing. Great job ladies, I enjoyed it very much.

Performance- Metallica

I don’t listen to music like Metallica, I know who they are and have heard of them, but definitely wouldn’t say I like them or that I listen to them so really I’m in no place to discuss this performance.

Performance- “Same Love” Macklemore

I was done with this performance from the moment that the red carpet for this show started. The thing is for Mackelmore to think that he can just go a head and pretend to know the struggle of the LGBT community is wrong.

56th GRAMMY Awards - ShowYou may not see it this way, but this is what it would be like if a white person put out a song, during the civil rights movement, talking about being segregated and what it’s like to struggle as a black man. Same concept, same principle. It’s ridiculous and annoying. Stop trying to gain publicity and fame from people who are really going through it.

It’s ridiculous and to be honest Macklemore’s other songs were bad too so it’s not like he’s a good artist anyways. Like you say you’re one in a million, but there are so many other artist who do what you do…and better. The sentiment is sweet, but annoying at the same time.

Also let’s talk about how the lyrics make no sense either….

“When I was in the third grade I thought I was gay cause I could draw…”

Ummmmm? Really? Is that really a stereotype? I don’t remember anyone saying Picasso or Van Gogh was gay? This is a stupid song and this rant is a whole nother post but I’m done giving you time.

I’m pretty upset that this was so anticipated.

imagesPerformance- Miranda Lambert ft. Billy Joe Armstrong “Everly Brother Tribute”

I love Miranda Lambert and let me tell you she is looking really good right now. She lost weight and is look very slim and beautiful in that dress. Her hair looks so beautiful and that tan…

Besides the look I was very surprised as to how well their voices matched up and how good it actually sounded. I knew of the Everyly Brothers but wasn’t a big fan nor did I listen to their songs enough to know their style and how they delivered their songs, but if that was my song I would have to say that they did they proud.

Closing Performance-Someone from Fleetwood Mac, Dave Grohl, and Nine Inch Nails and Queen of the Stone Age?

Nine-Inch-NailsI’m not quite sure who any of these people are, except for Fleetwood Mac (although I’m more familiar with the songs than the band so I really don’t know the members.)

In any case this is a very unusual way to end the show, at least to me. Like usually you want to end the show in a party and I’m not sure if this was a smart decision. Well I mean I don’t listen to any of these bands or people so this clearly wasn’ t meant to make me happy, but someone out there is very happy to be seeing this collaboration.

Well it was a good show, not that much to complain about and I can’t lie that I was very happy with all the performances I was looking forward to. It was an all together good show and it took me 3 post to get everything in but I hope you enjoyed it and that you enjoyed the show. What was your favorite part of the show? Mine? Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons followed by Beyonce and Katy Perry!


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