56th Grammy Awards-Performances and Reactions (Part 1)

So tonight’s Grammy Awards, as always, was a night filled with beautiful, extravagant, and unusual outfits, performances and of course those shinny golden gramophone. Yet the night wasn’t all perfection…Here are the outcomes of the awards and my thoughts about the winners and performances of the night.

beyonc-and-jay-z-owned-the-grammy-stage-performing-drunk-in-loveOpening Act- “Drunk in Love” BEYONCE & Jay-Z

Starting off the show in the sexiest and best way ever the queen herself sang her newest single “Drunk on Love” while dancing on a chair. Sporting a see through outfit and wet hair and her iconic stilleto heels. The stage was filled with smoke and the lighting effcts consisted of flashing lights.

Jay-Z entered the stage wearing a tux and rapping his verse, making the performance even hotter. Grinding and feeling on each other while they sing; Beyonce and Jay were clearly feeling the song.

Beyonce killed it vocally and it was the best way to start the show. Good job Grammy’s got the power couple of music starting it off right.

Lorde-Grammy-Nomination-Concert-CBS-12-6-13Performance-“Royals” Lorde

Lorde kept it simple, she was only backed by two people and a single back drop. She started the song in acapella and did a great job I may add. She has such a flawless voice. I don’t know what she was doing with her mannerisms and convulsions during her performance, but we can look past that.

Her outfit was…alright, simple and nothing flashy or anything that is really worth remembering. The performance was good, and I love this song…but probably won’t be the biggest or best performance from tonight.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ShowPerformance- Hunter Hayes

This is a new song by the young singer. I am a newly found Hunter Hayes fan so I’m not very up to date as far as his discography goes. The song was pretty and I couldn’t completely understand all the lyrics but from what I grasped it is very inspirational and holds a very positive message.

Performance wise he started the song behind a piano backed by a full back and a back drop of windows and inspirational quotes. Vocally he was pushing and forcing it way too much. Once he stepped out from behind the piano he started to lose breath and you can tell.

I think he must have also had some trouble with his hearing piece because some of his notes were a bit flat and messy. Not the best performance hun, but I’m sure the recorded version is awesome, because he does have a nice voice.

darkhorsePerformance- “Dark Horse” Katy Perry ft. Juicy J.

This stage is hella creepy, there is a creepy forest and growing things in the background while fog fills the stage and black clouds play on the screens behind. Katy starts off in a snow globe but then comes out to join the now present dances on stage.

Between Katy’s outfit and the simplistic but awesome dance moves I loved everything about this performance. The staging was classic Katy…wait what? There was a horse on stage…anyways now the dancers and Katy are pole dancing on brooms.

downloadBack to loving the performance, vocally Katy delivered very well (Which doesn’t always happen live for her) but the song was very scary and a bit witchcrafty but it’s whatever. It’s Katy and I love this song. Great job…second best performance so far. (In my eyes no one will surpass Beyonce.)

Performance- “Blurred Lines” Robin Thicke ft. Chicago

Keeping it classy at first dressed in a very sharp tux Robin and Chicago sang a medley of Chicago’s songs. Robin’s voice really pulled through here, his smooth and velvety voice was serenading everyone as the band did a completely flawless time behind him. This is awesome, I feel like this is the type of music Robin was made for.

Robin Thicke, T.I.Then of course they transformed and heated things up with Robin Thicke’s current hit “Blurred Lines.” Still complimented by Chicago’s horns and two very beautiful back dancers and a spectacular red light show, I completely loved it. Full of energy, fun to watch and great vocals. Couldn’t ask for more. Good job Robin.

Performance- “Cop Car” Keith Urban ft. Gary Clark Jr.

Sticking to his M.O. singing in front of a mic with his guitar backed by a full band. Very simple and elegant. Some small candles on the floor for mood, I’m assuming.

Gary Clark Jr. was looking very dapper in a sharp suit and a nice little hat. This performance was typical Keith Urban…there is no doubt about that. Nothing special, but vocals were nice and of course that man can play the guitar. Also I liked the song, it being the first time I’ve heard it and all.

john-legend-singing_152421-480x360Performance- John Legend

Let me say that John Legend has an amazing voice. He is one of the VERY FEW artist who could just sit behind a piano and sing and I wouldn’t mind. His voice and the way he delivers a song is a performance within itself. I’m not sure what song he was singing, but I liked it.

The song was a slow and soft ballad that he carried completely by the piano and his amazing silky voice. Those high notes though. I’m going to Spotify this song after the show. I also really liked his attire, the white tux was looking fresh.

Performance- Taylor Swift

I don’t like the fact that Taylor was looking oh so beautiful. I don’t like Taylor Swift. Her talent is very minimal and she doesn’t have a big range nor does she possess a unique vocal talent. Also all her slow songs sound a like to me. I promise you this song is “Back to December” and “White Horse.”

34-8xVY3.AuSt.55While the staging, outfits and lighting was beautifully done, the melody was nice and I could have gotten into it, but this performance was definitely minimal of Taylor. It’s the Grammy’s you should have come a little harder. But that hair and that dress and those shoes were very pretty on you Taylor.

So while your voice did crack and fall flat, you looked pretty and the concept of the performance was a pretty one…but nope.

Performance- “Just Give Me a Reason” P!nk ft. Nate Ruess

I love this song, I can’t wait! So she starts off her performance in the air, because aerial is P!nk’s specialty now apparently, while singing “Try.” I will say her breath control is on point because she is still hitting them notes and sustaining those belts upside down and while she spins and bounces in the air.

PinkShe is very good at the aerial dance and it is a beautiful sight to see, and that outfit is very sexy and flattering to her, but this wasn’t what I was waiting for…I think P!nk has become a great performer and dancer.


Nate Ruess  has such an amazing voice and I love singing along to him, although some of those high notes were a bit unnecessary. He was looking goo din that tux though, it was a different idea, having a colored tux instead of black. P!nk always has a very beautiful performance.

Performance- “Photograph” Ringo Star


Homeboy still got pep in his step and that’s for sure. He was swaying from side to side and really feeling himself throughout the song. It is really great to see that no matter how bad music gets we still respect and adore great musicians like Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, Charlie Wilson, and Carol King.

I am pretty sure I’ve heard this song before and I like it. This performance is really all you could expect from a perform from his generation. It’s up beat, carried by a very energetic full band and back up singers. Ringo’s voice is awesome and he is looking all flashy with his glimmering tux.

This was a breath of fresh air. I love The Beatles and I appreciate them and honor them so much because of what they did for music, so this performance was very honorable. Very much deserved standing ovation.

Well this show definitely had a stage full…too many to fit on one post so be sure to check out Part 2 for the rest of the performances.


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