56th Grammy Awards-Winners and Reactions

Winners, losers, disappointments…yep you’re going to have a field day once you see the people that went home with Gramophones…but I don’t think it’ll bother you that much…until you find out who they beat out…

Best New Artist-Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Macklemore_The_Heist_Tour_1_croppedLet’s start by saying that the only thing I enjoyed about this category was the monologue before it. Ana Kendrick was beautiful and funny as always and Pharrell looked fresh and also complimented her funny.

Personally I will say that the award was going to be a toss up between Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore, but I would have rather seen Kendrick win…also they got played out during their speech so that was beneficial…I have this feeling this won’t be the end of Macklemore’s winning streak tonight.

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance-“Get Lucky” Daft Punk

ljkThis category was filled with a lot of my favorites (P!nk, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake) but unfortunately none of my favorites won. In any case Daft Punk does deserve the win. Everyone nominated could have walked away with the Gramophone and it would have been well deserved.

But “Get Lucky” was everywhere and is a greatly produced and packaged record. Congrats guys. Also the speech time is very limited this year, but the monologues seem longer…hmmm

Best Rock Song-“Cut Me Some Slack” Dave Grohl ft. Paul McCartney

I can’t say much about this category because I don’t listen to rock music, but I do know who The Beatles and The Foo Fighters are and I know these gentlemen are very talented. Also everyone nominated was well deserving so I can’t complain I guess. Congrats.

Best Pop Solo Performance-“Royals” Lorde

LordeRoyalsAlbum1I will say I saw Katy Perry walking away with this one. I wasn’t quite prepared for this win. Not saying that she doesn’t deserve it, because I love this song but it was definitely a shocker. It was also a shock to her because did you see that face that she made when they announced her name?

That speech was right to the point, quick and very humble. I liked it. Congrats Lorde very glad that your first single is also your first Grammy award. Well done!

Best Rap/Sung Duo-“Holy Grail” Jay-Z Ft. Justin Timberlake

I called from the moment I saw all the nominations. There was no doubt in my mind that Jay-Z was going to be the winner. I mean some of these awards are callable.

In any case the speech was adorable and he thanked God so I’m content. Well deserved and I’m content with that winner. Congrats Jova!

Best Pop Vocal Album- “Unorthodox Jukebox” Bruno Mars

unorthdox_jukebox_cover_3VERY MUCH DESERVED. Let me as, as a very bias Bruno Mars fan, that album had to have been one of my FAVORITE albums of the year. Everyone song is better than the one before and everyone made me fall in love with Bruno more than I already did. To me that album was perfection.

The thank you speech was very humble and very sweet and showed that he has very thankful and held family to high regard. It was great for him to say something for his mom, teared up a bit not gonna lie. Love you Bruno and I am very proud and happy for you!

Best Country Album-“Same Trailer Different Park” Kacey Musgrave

WOW!!! First off that outfit is very cute, second all these new comers winning is slightly making me happy, and a bit shocked. I’ve only heard two songs of hers and they seem very good. It’s true country, which isn’t something young and current “country” artist are doing.

So while I’m not quite sure if your album is Grammy award winning, but from what I know of you, you deserved that win! Congrats girl!

Song of the Year-“Royals” Lorde

Random_Access_MemoriesLorde is killing them tonight. She is two for two and I wasn’t sure that was going to happen. I was definitely rooting for Bruno Mars, because of my bias, but this song was equally great and possessed very great song writing so you deserved it very much Lorde. Good job girl!

Record of the Year- “Up All Night to Get Lucky” Daft Punk

Okay, I guess I should have seen this one coming but by now you should know where my vote was going. I was definitely hoping Bruno would have won that one, but you know what I have to own the fact that they deserved all their wins and applause for tonight. The performance alone sealed why they keep winning.

Congrats guys!

Album of the Year- “Random Access Memory” Daft Punk

I’m going to keep this simple. Well crafted, well deserved, actually most deserving album in that category. Congrats!

Well that’s the list, but remember these aren’t all the winners. In total there are 83 categories ranging from all different genres. Below you will find a link to a website with a full list of tonight’s winners.



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