Lea Michele’s New Song “What is Love?”

Lea Michele has posed a very universal question to her fans. One that both Haddaway and Jennifer Lopez have asked. What is Love? While her new song may not give us a certain answer it certainly gives us chills and yet another reason to be ready for her debut album.

“What is Love?” -Lea Michele

What is Love“Done lying for the truth to come out of your mouth. When the answers screaming loud. You play the role, I play the lead. We strike a pose, I was too blind to see, this ain’t what it seems. What is Love?”

That’s the ending of the opening verse of Lea Michele’s new song,  “What is Love?” That’s right Lea Michele has released yet another song off her debut album Louder. Set for a March 4th release fans are already becoming anxious for the album.

Michele released two singles (Cannonball and Battlefield) in December as incentives for fans to pre order her album  on Itunes. Cannonball has since spawned a music video and peaked at number 12 on the Itunes charts. Also in early January Michele teased fans by releasing the title track “Louder.”

Well on Monday the artist surprised the world again by releasing her fourth song “What is Love?” This power ballad offers so much for a listener to love. Between Michele’s beautiful and powerful vocals to the strong and captivating back beat that is carried by an intense piano progression and a deep toned bass.

Lea_Michele_2012This song is very intense and very moving. I mean just look at the lyrics;

“What is Love? When you don’t know who you are lying next to. Do you anymore? What is love? You don’t know what love is till you love somebody bad enough. What is love? What is love to you?”

The ballad is simply composed and beautifully delivered. This shows off Michele’s vocal ability very well and shows that the emotion in her is real and very moving and relatable.

I personally love the direction Lea Michele chose to take her music career.  It’s mature with a young fresh feel. It’s meaningful and fun…it’s actually music. It’s something that has been missing in the world and I’m sure that her album won’t be a disappointment.

If you still haven’t be sure to preorder Lea Michele’s debut album “Louder” on Itunes. With your preorder you receive all four singles; Cannonball, Battlefield, Louder, and What is Love? Until then take a listen of her newest single below.

And hear her other singles and what I have to say about them here!



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