Romeo Santos’ New Album to Feature Comedians, Rappers, and Singers!

Rappers, Guitarist, Singers, and Comedians? Romeo Santos has not only released two singles, and the release date for his second album, he has also confirmed the line up of artist set to be featured on the artist. From artist like Drake and Marc Anthony to Nicki Minaj and Kevin Hart?

Romeo-Santos-anuncia-el-lanzamiento-de-su-nuevo-disco-Fórmula-Vol.-2-767x1024In this video trailer for his upcoming Sophomore album Bachata singer, Romeo Santos, gives us more than enough reasons to be excited for “Formula, Vol. 2.” Featuring some of my favorite artist and already spinning out an awesome second single I have heard and seen everything that I need.

Now in Santos’ debut album he featured popular artist such as Lil Wayne, Usher, and Pitbull, but the difference here is that we have artist that we wouldn’t expect and it has them singing in Spanish. Well it hasn’t been confirmed that they all will but we know that Marc Anthony, Santana and Tego Calderon (another artist to be featured) all sing in Spanish.

It has since been confirmed, by release, that Drake also sings in Spanish. That leaves Nicki and Kevin Hart…

Now as far as Nicki Minaj goes I love her. When Santos’ featured Rapper and founder of YMCMB Lil Wayne, I was a bit confused and not sure how I’d feel about the song, but All Aboard was one of my favorite songs on that album. Then Santos’ released his newest single Odio featuring another YMCMB artist, Drake, singing in Spanish and I loved this song as well.

romeo-santos1That means that my expectations for this collab with nicki are very high. I hope that I like the song like I did the other two and I would love to hear my girl Nicki pull out a new character and speak in Spanish.

Now my last concern is Kevin Hart…Why are you in a musical album, and on top of that why are you on a Spanish speaking album? There is no confirmation on what is going on with Kevin Hart on this album, but he will be featured and we may just have to wait until the February 25th release date to find out what exactly is going on here.

In any case the King of Bachata is back and he is ready to take the music world by storm. If you have yet to hear his newest single Odio you need to do that and can do so here.

“Odio” Romeo Santos ft. Drake

Other than that enjoy this video trailer like I did and be sure to pick up a copy after its release or you could preorder it now on Itunes.


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