Romeo Santos’ New Single “Odio” has Drake Singing in Spanish?

Former member of Aventura, Romeo Santos, brings us yet another amazing single. What makes this single different? This single features rapper Drake…singing in Spanish.

“Odio”-Romeo Santos ft. Drake


Possessing the same dancey and sexual feel that we have grown to expect and love from Romeo Santos’ songs, “Odio” also contains the R&B feel that many of his previous singles like “Promise” and “All Aboard” have.

Also following the same elements as those songs Santos’ new single also features the voice of YMCMB rapper Drake.

Romeo has featured other R&B hard hitters such as Usher and Lil Wayne, but this song offers something different than those duets did. In “Odio” Drake sings in Spanish!

Now let me say I was just as surprised as the next guy. I really enjoy listening to Romeo Santos, when I was in high school my best friend was in love with Aventura so I’ve been  listening to him for a while, and I believe this song is all the reason I need to show why I love his music.


I like this whole idea of R&B artist making their way into the world of Spanish music. When I heard “Promise” by Romeo Santos and Usher I was excited to hear Usher sing a little bit of Spanish, but I was very excited to hear Drake sing in Spanish. Not only do his vocals compliment the tone and feel of the song, his Spanish is nearly perfect.

Every pronunciation, even the rolling of his “R’s” was on point. He did such a great job and I had no clue that he could even speak Spanish. The way I feel about this song is how I felt about Beyonce and Boyz II Men singing in Spanish. I was unsure at first, but once I heard it I was very proud and excited about it.

Of course Drake wasn’t going to get away from rapping on the song of course, so towards the end of the song, right before the last chorus, Drake spits a verse in English. While it would have been awesome to hear him rap in Spanish as well I will excuse it because he had just sung his previous verse in Spanish.

Screen-Shot-2014-01-16-at-6.46.39-PMThis is one of those duets that I have no clue how it happened, how they got together, or what their thought process was behind creating the song, but whatever it was it worked! As mentioned before Santos’ featured YMCMB creator Lil Wayne on a previous song, so I’m sure getting to Drake wasn’t too hard, but how did Drake decide to sing in Spanish?

Also it has been confirmed by the artist in a video trailer for his new album, “Formula, Vol 2.” that another YMCMB artist will be lending their talents to the project. Ms Nicki Minaj will also be lending a hand. Will she be singing in Spanish as well?

While that has not been confirmed just yet other artist such as Carlos Santana and Marc Anthony, along with comedian Kevin Hart, will also be lending their talents to the album as well.

The album is set for release on February 25th.

“Odio” was a very smart and strategic move on both artists parts. Both of their fan base is going to grow immensly thanks to this collaboration and air play for this song, I’m sure, is going to reach all different genres. I mean it’s 2014 more music needs to start crossing over and make beautiful sounds like this one.

Telling the story of a love lost and how they miss the one they love, this song is both relatable and beautifully written. Spanish is just a beautiful language to begin with. So if you haven’t yet take a listen to the song below and be prepared to fall in love.


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