JLO’s new single says she’s the “Same Girl”

Once again Jennifer Lopez is claiming that even with all her fame she is still the girl from the Bronx. Thursday JLO released the first official video for her single from her 8th upcoming studio album.

Jennifer-Lopez-Same-Girl-Official-Single-Cover-2014The video for “Same Girl” takes place in Lopez’s old neighborhood in the Bronx. The video showcases Lopez walking through the streets, riding the train and interacting with her fans as she runs into them on the street.

Very simple and basic, nothing too extravagant. Even the costuming of the video is very simple, Lopez struts through the street in some jeans and a featured hoodie. She is definitely embracing the “ghetto fabulous” trend that she created years ago.

Now this is Lopez’s first official single off the album, but on January 27th Lopez also released another song that is said to also be a part of the new album. The song entitled “Girls” is a more R&B type song featuring lyrics like;

“Cause at the end of the night girls just want to have fun, just want to have fun.”

It features the same type of melody and beats that many rap artist now a days like Lil Wayne and Big Sean use. I don’t know exactly how to explain it but I think once you hear it you will get where I’m coming from.

jlo-same-girl-videoIn any case I don’t think “Girls” is the best thing that JLO has ever recorded and I’m glad that she decided not to go forth with a video and publicity for that song. I really hope that was just promotional and not part of the album.

As for her single “Same Girl” I’m a bit iffy about this one. The song is written by Chris Brown, which really surprised me. With that being said, after hearing the lyrics of the song I could definitely see this song being written by Chris Brown.

“They want me to lie down, they want me to crawl. They want me to cry now, but I’ve never fallen off. Why you tryna put the world up on my shoulders? Get off of me, Get off of me.”

Jennifer_Lopez_2009The song is also produced by One Republic singer, Ryan Tedder. This is also very obvious because the song holds a lot of elements that are found in One Rebulic songs such as “Apologize” and “Secrets.”

Carried mainly by an orchestra the song has a very high energy at a slow pace. (If that makes any sense to you.) The construction of the song isn’t that bad to listen to though. I actually enjoy the back beat and I do have to say that usually when Ryan Tedder produces a song I love it.

Vocally…Well we all know that JLO doesn’t possess the greatest vocals of all time, but this song also falls a bit flat to me. There was nothing that really stood out to me and nothing to really remember.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE Jennifer Lopez fan, but lately the material she has been putting out has lacked the same feel and energy and quality as her old material. I miss “On the 6,” “JLO” and “This is Me…Now” JLO.

Now her newest album “Love?” was a pick up from her other recent music projects before then, but these two songs just aren’t that great. I want Jennifer Lopez to put out a ballad that touches our hearts like “Ain’t it Funny,” “All I Have,” and “No Me Ames.”

Jennifer_Lopez_2,_2012I want her to put out a dance song that resembles the amazingness that was “Waiting for Tonight” and “Feelin’ So Good.” The uptempo, not over produced, dance numbers that feature a sexy Jennifer Lopez actually dancing in her videos.

I really hope that this new album is good and that is sells very well for her. I have missed JLO and I remember that at one point she dominated the big screen and film world. Let’s see if 2014 can be for Jennifer Lopez what 2001 was for her. Top rated film (Wedding Planner) and number 1 album (JLO) remember that?

In any case here are both songs “Girls” and “Same Girl.” You listen and you be the judge.

Same Girl




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