Shakira and Rihanna’s Sexy New Music Video

The music video for Shakira’s new single “Can’t Remember to Forget You” featuring Rihanna has premiered. Featuring the two sexy women dancing and singing in outfits that barely cover them, along with sexy scenes of them sharing a bed, this video is definitely a great way to kick off an album.

inb9s7Back on January 13th the song was released as the official leading single off of Shakira’s upcoming studio album. Featuring the beautiful songstress Rihanna this song was a destined hit. Between the sass, the sexy feel the music provided, on top of the beautiful combination of Shakira’s lower register and Rihanna’s sweet and smooth velvet voice, there was no way to not fall in love with it.

I already covered the song in a previous post, so rather than be redundant you can read that article here,


and see what I had to say about the song. For now I am going to focus on the recently released music video.

shakira-can-t-remember-to-forget-you-promos_1Hitting the airwaves on January 30th, the video is already receiving tons of publicity, which is very understandable. This video sticks to the main element that Rihanna and Shakira are good at selling. Sex. The video starts out with the beautiful Colombian singer in a shear nightgown rolling around and singing on a bed.

As the chorus kicks in we are taken outside where Shakira is in a tightly fitted, black one piece and heels. She begins to sexually pose and roll around on a mattress outside. The scenes interchange between this and a scene with Shakira in a revealing red dress, that is sheer, see through and very hot.

Also the scene is shared with a few shots of Shakira in a steaming pool, splashing around.

shakira-600x450When Rihanna’s verse starts we are taken to a dimly lit hallway where Rihanna is wearing a short black outfit that resembles and compliments Shakira’s red see through dress. Then as the chorus sets in we are taken to the same outside matress as before wear Rihannas is also wearing a one piece.

Now this is when the video gets very steamy!

As the bridge is sung we are still outside on the matress. The women take their turns singing their parts and roll around separatly, but as Rihanna’s part ends we see the two women interlock legs and feel on each other’s…backsides? lol This very sensual sight is then followed by a shot of Shakira jamming out on the guitar and then on a drum set.

Shakira-and-RIhanna-cant-remember-to-forget-you-video-4Then the video ends with random shots of previous scenes that we have seen through the video.

WHOA! This video is very hot and I loved it! It’s sexually appealing, yet tastefully done. It’s sassy and fun and it’s just everything that we love about Rihanna and Shakira. This was a great mix when I think about it. At first I was confused, but after the video I know fully understand.

The song has only peaked at number 28 on the Billboard 100, but I have a feeling that after this video the song will skyrocket. This has to be the sexiest video I’ve seen from Shakira since her 2005 video for La Tortura. I love both these women and this song and video are perfect.

Go a head and take a look for yourself.


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