Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and a Boring Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVIII has to have been one of the worst football games I have ever seen in my life. While I’m not a big sports fan I will have to say that was not a game at all. The Broncos gave it to the Seahawks. The best part was Halftime…which also wasn’t that pleasing.

13039611Ever since Janet Jackson had her nip slip back in 2004 the Superbowl halftimes weren’t given to R&B or Pop artist. It wasn’t until 2011 that audiences saw a change. First Black Eyed Peas, then Madonna, then Beyonce and now Bruno Mars.

Every time the show was awesome! Filled with explosive performances, eccentric dance numbers and awesome special guest. (Black Eyed Peas brought Justin Timberlake and Slash, Madonna brought Nicki Minaj, MIA, and LMFAO, and Beyonce reunited Destiny’s Child.)

Well unfortunately this year paled in comparison to your predecessors.

imagesFirst things first. Someone out there thought that Bruno Mars couldn’t carry an entire halftime show by himself. Let’s just take a look at this, Bruno Mars has two solo albums, and a mixtape. From those albums Mars has released 5, count them 5, number 1 singles.

Along with those he has released, 6 top 20 singles. That’s a total of 11 songs. That doesn’t even count the songs that he has featured on, done for soundtracks, or hasn’t released. Bruno Mars could handle a 13 minute set. He kicks off his tour in April. If the man can do a tour he can handle a 13 minute set.

Due to the fact that “Mars couldn’t hold a halftime show by himself,” they decide to get the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to preform with him. Now before I go any further let me say; I don’t dislike the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, nor do I think they are a bad band. The band is very talented and I used to listen to them all the time.

rs_634x1024-140202175042-634.Bruno-Mars-Superbowl-2-jmd-020214My problem with the collaboration is that it made NO SENSE! If you thought he couldn’t handle the whole show by himself I’m sure there were many other artist, that would have worked better, that would have loved to perform with him. Bruno has been writing songs for famous artist since way before he has his own career.

I just didn’t understand what the thought process behind this mash up was. They didn’t even sing together. It was here is Bruno singing 3 songs that everyone knows and then here is Red Hot Chilli Peppers singing a song, oh now back to Bruno for one last overplayed song.

It wasn’t like The Red Hot Chilli Peppers were really that relevant to the performance. They did great and it was a high energy performance, but they gave them once song…I’m sure Bruno had one more song that he could have pulled out and sang during that time slot, like oh I don’t know…maybe “Gorilla”, or his newest single “Young Girls.”

That’s another thing that made me mad, was his song choices. While the performances were awesome (by the way I believe Bruno Mars has one of the best backup bands ever.) I would have chosen different songs. I know you want to keep it up beat, but there are other songs man.

bruno-mars-10Like let’s be done with the overplayed hits I want to hear some of your good songs. I mean, even though Beyonce’s performance wasn’t the best it was true to her and it all made sense.

In any case I’m very proud of Bruno for making it to the Super Bowl. Making it to the Super Bowl is one of the biggest accomplishments for an artist. It’s a big deal and I’m very glad that one of my musical idols has come so far. I just wish the performance had been a better one.

I also wish they would have let Bruno bask in his moment and let him shine. He deserved it and there was no reason to have him share that time slot. But like I said before at least it was better than that damn “game.”

If you happened to miss the halftime show for any reason at all here it is. Watch, enjoy and love it…or don’t.


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