Cory Monteith’s Band releases First Single, “Maybe Tonight”

Bonnie Dune, also known as the late Cory Monteith’s band, has released their first single just six months after the tragic death of their fellow band mate. The song entitled “Maybe Tonight” features the Glee star playing the drums as he always loved to do.

163000_171898352841174_158386987525644_415769_8365013_nOn July 13th the Actor/Singer Cory Monteith was found dead in a hotel after a heroine overdose. Since his death we have had many great ways to remember the star. First we found out that Monteith finished filming two movies. One entitled “All the Wrong Reason” which premiered in late 2013 at the Toronto Film Festival.

Then there was McCanick that is set to be released to theatres in May of this year. (This role was very important to the star. He got to play a drug addict. Monteith, who was also a struggling addict himself, felt that it was time he faced his addiction and bring his struggles to the world in a positive way.)

Cory Monteith and band Bonnie Dune Play First Concert at Roxy

And who could forget that moving Glee tribute episode entitled “The Quarterback?” All of which made for great coping mechanisms for Monteith’s fans. Now we have one last thing to treasure and help with the healing. Two months before Monteith’s death he finished up recording with Bonnie Dune for their upcoming EP Miramar.

The EP is set to release tomorrow, February 4th 2014. Until then we have the newest single entitled “Maybe Tonight.” Unfortunately this is one of the songs that does not feature the actor’s vocals. Instead you get to hear Monteith rock out on the drums throughout the entire song.

Drumming was always a great passion of Monteith’s, as a matter of fact the actor auditioned for Glee with a tape of him drumming.

Any ways the song is an upbeat tune that compares to such bands as “Boys Like Girls,” “All Time Low,” and “Paradise Fears.” If you don’t know who they are or don’t agree I’ll let you be the judge. The lead singers voice is very sweet and really nice. It has a great quality to it.

Bonnie+Dune+197299The actual music is nice and fueled by heavy guitars and a steady drum rhythm. You can also hear a tambourine. In any case this is a good song and if this is what their music sounds like, it looks like I will be buying a copy of Miramar at midnight when it goes on sale.

Be sure to pre order the six song EP on Itunes or purchase it tomorrow. Until then go a head a take a listen to “Maybe Tonight” below.


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