Man Crush Mondays-Bruno Mars Edition

As an aspiring singer I always keep my eye out for artist to mold myself after. I realize we should all have our own unique talents and bring something new to the table, but there is nothing wrong with having idols and people we’d aspire to be like. Well for his vocal ability, amazing song writing skills, and for being the classiest guy I know Bruno Mars is mine.

reg_600_YoungBrunoMars_mh_020713Born and raised in Hawaii, Bruno Mars grew up and was raised around music. When he was younger he used to sing with his parent’s musical group “The Love Notes.” At 4 years old he became known as the Elvis impersonator of the island. It wasn’t long for this trend to catch 0n. In 1992 a 7 year old Bruno Mars made his first film cameo in the film “Honeymoon in Vegas” as an Elvis Impersonator.

This time impersonating Elvis and singing with his parents created the performer that we now know as Mr. Bruno Mars.

In 2004 Mars was finally signed by Motown records. After a year of him being signed the label dropped him. During his time at the label Mars was introduced to Producer/Song Writer Phillip Lawrence who would go on to be the person who helped alter Mars career path.

Bruno+MarsAfter being dropped by Motown Universal, Mars quickly grabbed up a publishing deal with Westside Independent, where Mars went on to become a songwriter for the stars. During this time Mars wrote for many singers ranging from Travie McCoy to Brandy, Adam Levine to Far East Movement, Sugababies, Flo Rida, and Cee Lo Green.

After a successful writing career Mars released his first solo project. In 2010 Bruno Mars released his EP “It’s Better if You Don’t Understand.” From which the single “The Other Side” featuring Cee Lo Green and B.O.B. came. The EP peaked at 99 on the Billboard 200, and did alright for Mars.

cbf3817a5e0c5f3ae6f665627f85df33It wasn’t until Mars released his first single “Just the Way You Are” that he finally gained his true publicity. The song was an instant hit and was Mars’ first number one single. The song went straight to number 1 in 7 different countries and has gone to be 6x Platinum. Along with this the song has been covered in big ways.

The song was covered by the late Cory Monteith on Glee’s second season as part of their “Furt” Episode. (In the same episode the Glee Cast covered another Bruno Mars song, “Marry You.”) And in 2012 the song was part of a mash-up sang in the smash hit “Pitch Perfect.”

Since his first single Bruno Mars has gone on to release 5 number one singles, 2 number one albums, won 2 Grammys and most recently made it to the Super Bowl Halftime Show.


unorthdox_jukebox_cover_3You can also look forward to Bruno Mars making his acting debut in the upcoming animated film, Rio 2.

I love Bruno for so many reasons. His vocals are flawless! His style is fresh. He’s an AMAZING performer. And he appreciates music for what it is, and therefore releases great music.

I am a huge fan of Motown. From The Supremes to The Temptations to Barry Gordy and Smokey Robinson, I love them all. That was great music to me and if there is any era of music that trumps the others it is the Motown era, and I believe that Bruno is one of the few artist that have taken great music and infused it into modern day.

Bringing a Doo Wop, Motown, R&B, Pop, and Sexual feel to every song he makes is what makes his music so great. When he hits that stage he an his band just kill it every time. It’s like he has to be the best artist of our generation. While all these other artist are putting out these stupid house and dance tracks, Bruno Mars is putting out music.

0102_30-under-30-bruno-mars_650x455Unfortunately Bruno is very under appreciated. He doesn’t get the recognition that he truly deserves. His vocals are silky smooth and effortless. The songs he writes are relatable, poetic, modern, and span through many generations of people. He is the type of performer older people appreciate and the younger ones love.

Bruno Mars should be a bigger and more appreciated performer, but unfortunately he gets over looked by the Mileys and Biebers of our time. He doesn’t just make hit songs, he makes hit albums. He is one of the few artist that makes an album worth listening to from beginning to end…over and over again.

All in all I’m very proud of how far he has come and no matter what he will always have a fan in me. Here is one of my favorite Bruno Mars songs “If I Knew.” It features every element I love about Bruno that I just discussed and then some. Enjoy!


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