Woman Crush Wednesday-Tinashe Edition

Known for her beautiful vocals and amazingly captivating sound, this gorgeous songstress has stolen my heart since day one. Releasing three mix tapes and currently working on a studio album this female vocalist has everything that makes you fall in love.

tinashe_kachingwe_instagram_eZGCMPuO.sizedWhen Tinashe first started out she was a baby model. With the support of her parents Tinashe was signed by an agency where she found herself posing for various advertisements and starring in different commercials.

In 2000 Tinashe got her first real acting gig, starring as Josephine in the made for TV film, Cora Unashamed. The film did pretty well and later led to Tinashe getting roles in The Polar Express, Akeelah and the Bee, and even Two and a Half Men.

It wasn’t until 2007 when Tinashe finally got her first taste of the music world. As 1/5th of the girl group “The Stunners” Tinashe was signed to Colombia Records.


The girl group featured the vocal styling of Tinashe, Allie Gonino, Hayley Kiyoko, Kelsey Sanders and Lauren Hudson.

After being singed the girls released a 5 song EP entitled The Stunners. The EP spun out two singles, “Bubblegum” and “Dancing Around the Truth.”

Later in 2010 the girls were signed to Universal Records and were announced to be the opening act for Justin Bieber’s “My World Tour.” (The girls can also be seen in Bieber’s documentary entitled “Never say Never.”

Together the girls released 4 music videos and a Christmas song entitled “Santa Bring my Solider Home.”



Sadly in 2011 the women dismembered and went their separate ways, after being bought out of their contracts that is.

Yet that didn’t seem to stop the beautiful songstress. In 2012 Tinashe released her first solo effort. A mixtape entitled In Case We Die. The mixtape was received very positively by the R&B world and was the number 1 most downloaded mixtape the week that it was released. After the release of In Case We Die, Tinashe was signed by RCA Records.

From this first mixtape the world was blessed with the soulful and sexy singles “Chainless,” “My High,” “This Feeling,” and “Boss.” Tinashe’s style for this mixtape was definitely smooth and sexual with a hint of dark melodies and R&B flavor. It’s a very good mixtape and was definitely a great way to bring herself out musically.


Later that year, after signing with RCA, Tinashe released her second mixtape Reverie. This mixtape brought out even more of an R&B feel along with more darker tones and a very whimsical feel. I really enjoyed the songs from this mixtape. A few of which include “Another Me,” “Stargazing,” “Yours” and “Reverie.” From this mixtape Tinashe released three singles; “Stargazing,” “Ecstasy” and “Who Am I Working For.”

After its release Reverie was receiving very positive reviews from critics. As a matter of fact this mixtape along with its predecessor were both marked as critically acclaimed.

1d5d935a77ef11e3a80d0afb913fdc38_6In early 2013 rumors started to fly that the singer was working on a Studio Album that was set to be released later that year. Instead Tinashe released yet another mixtape in November of 2013 entitled Black Water.

The mixtape definitely allows for more influence of her African roots along with even darker melodies and stronger lyrics. Black Water was actually very well packaged and it follows the same formula as her previous two mixtapes.

This all brings us to January 13th 2014. On this date the world was graced with Tinashe’s official first single off her debut album. The song entitled “2 On” features rapper Schoolboy Q and is definitely more commercially pleasing.


Featuring the same vocal techniques that are featuring in Tinashe’s songs like “Chainless,” “Boss,” and “1 On Me,” along with a more upbeat dance track, “2 On” could definitely do very well in the radio world.

The song has the same sass, sexuality, fun and pleasing feel as the rest of Tinashe’s music. If this is a sneak peak as to what is to come I am VERY excited for this album. The album is set for a 2014 release but there is no official album title or release date.

In any case I would definitely recommend that you listen to this beauty. Her vocals are flawless. From her low tones, to her swag when she speaks her lyrics a bit, to her high notes she is a AMAZINGLY GREAT vocalist and that is something that we are missing in the R&B world.

Tinashe-2013Also if you enjoy the soothing and amazing works of The Weeknd and Frank Ocean then you will definitely love Tinashe. It’s the same feel and it’s great to see such a beautiful and talent young woman coming out with this raw and soulful R&B music that is relatable to everyone. In an industry that is male dominated I can see Tinashe coming in to take the crown soon.

In any case here is Tinashe’s first single “2 On.” Take a listen and be sure to download her mixtapes I promise you won’t regret it. For her flawless voice, even more flawless beauty and the fact that she is just all around bad ass makes Tinashe my Woman Crush Wednesday. And she should be yours too.

“2 On” -Tinashe ft. Schoolboy Q


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