Throwback Thursday-“She Used to Be Mine”

This duo is possible two of the GREATEST men to ever step out of Country music. Between their sweet low tones, their heartfelt songs, and their down home country roots this duo is worshiped among other Country artist. Yet there is one song in particular that I want to look back on and celebrate today.

music-brooksdunnIn August of 1993 the world was graced with yet another beautiful power ballad from the kings of Country. “She Used to Be Mine” was the third single from the country duo, Brooks N Dunn’s, second studio album. “She Used to Be Mine” was the duo’s 5th number 1 single and the first number one since “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.”

This slow, sad country ballad is carried by a variety of string instruments from violins to guitars, some soft drums and I’m pretty sure there is a piano somewhere in there. On top of that the song is sung beautifully by the very talented Ronnie Dunn.

The song is a sweet serenade for the heartbroken. It resembles the same wonderful elements as their other number 1 hit, “Neon Moon.” It’s soft, sweet, beautifully sung and has a story of heart break that is relatable for everyone.

hqdefaultWhile this song is 4 months older than me, I absolutely love it. I think that next to “Neon Moon” and “If You See Him/If You See Her,” “She Used to Be Mine” is one of my favorite Brooks N Dunn songs.

Between Ronnie Dunn’s awesome writing skills and his very infectious lower ranged voice I can’t get enough of this song. Another thing that was great about this duo was that you could always feel the pain and emotion behind their lyrics and voices. It always worked and it was just magical.

I think that when it comes to singing there is more to making a song perfect than good lyrics, a nice beat, and a beautiful voice. It’s all in the delivery. You want to be able to be moved by the song and feel the emotions that the song is trying to evoke, and Brooks N Dunn always did an awesome job at delivering.

brooks-n-dunn-love-desert--large-msg-11682910638I mean when you are singing lyrics like;

“I did her so wrong, for so long. I turned my back on her love and now she’s long gone. I did my part to break her heart, she walked on me and tore my world a part. She used to be mine.”


“It’s taken every bit of strength that I have, to keep a hurt look off my face. I can’t keep from looking back over my shoulder at the lucky man taking my place. Oh if it weren’t for my pride I’d probably take off running. I guess what I’m feeling is what I got coming.”

BROOKS & DUNNYou have to be able to deliver. There is more than words carried by music in those statements. There is hurt, regret, guilt, and tons of pain. This song is so beautiful and it’s just so poetic.

What I really love about this song is that the singer of the song isn’t blaming anyone else for his loss but him. It’s a nice little reversal to the songs where they were left all alone. In this story the person is talking about how they have lost someone due to the way they treated them.

It’s more realistic to me and it’s also very nice to see the heartbreak from the other side of the spectrum. Kind of showcasing the guilt and loss that can be felt from the person who wasn’t probably equipped for a relationship.

So for your listening pleasures here is one of the best Anti-Valentine’s day songs. “She Used to Be Mine.”


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