Lea Michele’s New Song “You’re Mine” Just in Time for V-Day

After the death of her boyfriend Lea Michele went back into the studio and added a few songs to her album in honor of Cory Monteith, who up till then had heard the whole album, yet one song that was already on the album is serving as a tribute to Cory.

lea-micheles-tribute-to-cory-monteith-listen-to-youre-mineIn honor of her late boyfriend Cory Monteith, Singer Lea Michele has released yet another song from her upcoming debut album Louder. The new song, “You’re Mine,” was said to be one of Cory’s favorites off the album.

In an interview Lea Michele stated that “When I think of him I play this song,” Michele went on to say that “This song was ours.”

With such beautiful lyrics as;

And I told you all my dreams and fears, and you looked at me and your eyes filled with tears. And you said those three words, I’ve been waiting for, you became a part of me.”

“You’re Mine” is being released at the perfect time. With love in the air and couples ready to celebrate the holiday centered around romance I’m sure this song will be played throughout candle light dinners and montages made everywhere.

UntitledThe song itself is very beautiful and well packaged. Of course Lea’s vocals are flawless, as always, full of emotion and energy that makes you just want to play the song forever. She really knows how to pull a listener in and make them want more.

On top of her vocals the lyrics of the song, as cliche and lovey dovey as they may be, are very beautiful and it’s written very well. The chorus alone is enough to make you want to fall in love.

You’re mine, for life. And I’ll be by your side we are entwined. You’re mine, for life, hold me until we die, I’m yours and you’re mine.”

DoSomething.org And VH1's 2012 Do Something Awards - ArrivalsEven though the song is about to become a lovers anthem for Valentine’s day, there is no denying the sadness behind which the song holds. The song was Cory and Lea’s song and stood for their love for each other. When you think about this thought you remember the tragedy of the loss that Lea has experienced.

But we are going to try to push those sad thoughts back because the important thing is that Leunathics now have another song to listen to over and over again. Joining “Cannonball,” “Battlefield,” “Louder,” and  “What is Love?” “You’re Mine” is now an official promotional single for the album.





If you preorder Lea’s upcoming album Louder you will receive all these songs for free. Without further ado here is “You’re Mine.” Enjoy!



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