Mariah Carey’s Embraces her Inner Mermaid In You’re Mine (Eternal)

The diva herself released her third single and second music video for her upcoming album The Art of Letting Go. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, “You’re Mine (Eternal),” and its remix are a very sweet song that can be the anthem for almost anyone on this holiday.

mariah-carey-youre-mine-650-430“You’re Mine (Eternal)” is a song that was written by the songstress, as are most of her songs, and is beautiful in every way. Vocally Carey really delivers on this song. Which is great because people were really questioning if she still had it in her, and she proves that she does with this release.

Still showing off her amazing range and how she can belt, Carey pulls emotions and feelings for days, not to mention she graces us with a flawless whistle register at the end. The note that made her famous.

Possessing the same feel and quality as her previous ballads; “Don’t Forget About Us,” “We Belong Together,” and “Angels Cry” this song is nothing short of sweet, beautiful and left up for interpretation by the listener. You could take it as still being in love or as someone who once was in love.

ScreenShot2014-02-12at114905PM_zpsc37f1679“You make me feel like our love would never end. How can I forget baby we were the best. Suffered dreams of you all through the night and baby I can’t seem to give you up you’re mine.”

Personally I see something in there for both people in and out of love. There is the aspect of love and being without love. In any case the melody and lyrics are beautiful and Carey does a flawless job vocally. Personally I have missed this part of her and I felt that this is what was missing from her first two singles that are rumored for this upcoming album. (“#Beautiful,” and “The Art of Letting Go.”)

Mariah-Carey-Youre-Mine-Eternal-290x280The video, which was also released the same day as the song, showcases a still beautiful Mariah Carey, topless by a body of water embracing her inner mermaid. Shots of her on a chair, and holding herself on a mountain of rocks are interchanged by shots of the R&B singer Trey Songz modeling and laying in a bed.

Now why is Songz making an appearance in her video? Well that’s because the singer appears on the remix of the song which was also released the same day as the song and video. The remix follows the same elements as Carey’s previous hit remixes. An R&B artist who is currently a hot commodity and posses a great tone that blends well with hers.

While I love both Trey Songz and Mariah Carey I would have to say the original is better. Yet this isn’t the first time the two have collaborated for a remix. In 2010 before Carey’s remix album Angel’s Advocate was scrapped, the two collaborated for a remix of Carey’s song “Inseparable.” Which is flawlessly awesome. So maybe I just need to relisten to the remix a few times.

Anyways take a listen and I wish you all out there a wonderful Valentine’s day. Consider this my present to y’all.


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