New Music!

This weeks seems to be the week of new music. From Lea Michele to Miranda Lambert these pop/country/R&B divas have new music in store for you. From sweet romantic lyrics to a very seductive feel these songs are sure to excite you for new projects that are yet to come.

“Automatic”-Miranda Lambert

56th GRAMMY Awards - ShowOur favorite Country bad girl is back! This time she is here to sing to us about the good old days, before everything became “automatic.”

“Hey what ever happened to, waitin your turn, doing it all by hand? Cause when everything is handed to you, it’s only worth as much as the time you put in. It all just seems so good the way we had it, back before everything became automatic.”

The chorus of the song is enough to give you the complete feel of the song. With verses of more examples that back up her argument, Lambert did a great job of bringing things into perspective with this song.

The song follows the same formula as her previous hits, such as; “Dead Flowers,” “All Kinds of Kinds,” & “New Strings.” The song is carried mainly by guitar and there is obvious drums that pick up during the chorus. I can hear a lot of the same progressions and instrumental choices that you hear in “Dead Flowers” a lot more than anything else.

download (1)

Vocally, Lambert sticks to subtle lower tones mostly. There is more power and energy in the chorus than in the verses, but it’s the same typical vocal choices that she usually makes. I’m not saying her voice isn’t beautiful, because I love her voice. It possess that country twang that is very unique to her and I love everything about it.

As far as the song goes, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. I like the message, and it isn’t bad…I’m just not seeing anything interesting, new, or exciting about it. It’s like I’ve come to expect Miranda’s lead singles; (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Dead Flowers,” & “Baggage Claim”) to bring something different and prepare us for her upcoming project. You know?

In any case the song can be heard below. For those in the mood for a flashback through time take a listen and figure out for yourself.

“Don’t Make Me Wait”-Letoya Luckett

downloadYou may know her as Felicia Price from the VH1 series Single Ladies, or maybe even as former member of Destiny’s Child, but I prefer to refer to her as the beautiful songstress that released hits such as “Not Anymore,” and “She Aint’ Got…”

LeToya Luckett has released her newest single entitled “Don’t Make Me Wait.” Luckett said that she released “Don’t Make Me Wait” for two reasons. She says,

“Don’t Make Me Wait is a song I did with Single Ladies in mind.”

Luckett went on to say that she was excited to release music from her upcoming album, entitled Until Then, but before she did she didn’t want to make her fans wait for new music.

I for one am very excited for music from this beautiful R&B vocalist. She has a nice pair of vocal chords on her that’s for sure. She has a sweet pretty little tone and a range that is very impressive. I will say that while her solo career may not be as apparent and successful as her former D.C members, she hasn’t done bad for herself, and this song is another reason why.

LeToya-Luckett-Dont-Make-Me-Wait-MP3-World-PremiereMixed with a very sensual beat and her soft and seductive low tones along with her beautiful high notes, you are going to fall in love with the song. It has a nice little beat to grind and dance to and I for one have been blasting this song from the time I first heard it.

“My body is telling the story and it’s saying you can be the star tonight, so you better come and get me, don’t make me wait. Baby I don’t want to wait, you better come and get me, don’t make me wait.”

The entire song is composed of very seductive lyrics that Luckett said “are all about the chase.”

This song was perfect for both Single Ladies, and as a promotion to her new album. If the rest of her new material is like this one then you shouldn’t be disappointed with what is to come next.

Take a listen below and keep your ears open for new music to hopefully come soon.


“Lookin Ass Niggas”-Nicki Minaj

Nicki-Minaj-Lookin-Ass-Nigga-video-608x367The queen of Rap is back. It’s been a good while since we have been given new music by Nicki Minaj. I really enjoyed the Re-up and I liked the direction that she went with that album so I was hoping for more music like that with her third album.

Well if this new single is any sign about where we are heading then I am not disappointed at all. No longer being carried by house music, and pop infused dance beats Minaj’s new single “Lookin Ass Niggas” promises something different for fans.

Let’s start with the song itself. I’m not quite sure what the song is about. From the lyrics I’m going to have to say that the song is basically about how guys need to stop checking her out when clearly she they aren’t on her level. Not only that, just people thinking that they are on her level when clearly they aren’t.

500_1392243149_nickshoot2_26“Look at y’all sharin’ one bottle in the club, one bottle full of bub’ ass niggas. Look at y’all not havin’ game ass niggas. Y’all niggas share a chain ass niggas.”

Nicki went hard and brought a bit of hood into her voice and verses this time around. Instead of hiding behind her voices, accents, and bubbly personality, Nicki finally brought it back to the real her. I’m talking mixtape Nicki. My personal favorite.

Secondly let’s look at the video. The video is shot completely in black and white in a desert. There are only two props that are needed. The chair that Nicki sits, and poses on and two guns that she uses during a shoot out in the end.

Looking sexy as ever, Nicki sports a tightly fitted, see through black outfit and a very long wig. The video is simple. Just Nicki rapping into the camera, walking around and sitting in the chair and then her shooting guns. Nothing elaborate, not a million costume changes. Just Nicki, a set and the song.

The single is released as part of Young Money’s upcoming album Rise of an Empire. The album is set to be released in March and it will feature all the talented artist of Young Money. This is basically the follow up to their first group album We Are Young Money.

It is also said to be the lead single off of Nicki Minaj’s upcoming third studio album, The Pink Print. I’m very excited to see what is to come from The Pink Print, because Minaj has said that the feel will remain consistent with the material that was released from her Ep The Re-Up.

In any case take a listen and watch at the video below.


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