Ashanti’s Back With New Music and A New Music Video

Well it’s finally been confirmed. Ashanti is back in the game and in a way that tells people that she is ready to take over the music world this time around. She isn’t playing around and she is definitely showing us a side of her that we haven’t seen quite yet.

ashanti-i-got-it-video-5Last week Ashanti released the very sexual and very amazing music video for her newest single “I Got It” featuring Rick Ross. Now what can I possibly say about this song? Well let’s start with the song itself.

I love everything about this song. While we are used to Ashanti feature rappers on songs and having a touch of R&B and Hip-Hop, this song is total R&B. Featuring a sexy beat that you can dance and bounce to, sensual lyrics and Ashanti’s beautiful sultry voice there is no way to dislike this new single.

With fun lyrics like;

“I got this body on lock, and we can take it there. Anything you think of I got it right there.”


“Cause you’ll never get another night like this so push it to the limit, if you’re bout this life then live it.”

Ashanti is finally having fun.

Ashanti-Presents-Braveheart-Album-CoverShe has left her heartbreak songs and songs about love behind and gotten in touch with her inner diva. The beat is definitely something that is current and different from all her previous material, even her songs that weren’t singles. The feel of this song is something that we haven’t gotten from any of her other 4 albums.

It’s fun, upbeat, sexy, and honestly probably my favorite Ashanti single ever! It stays consistently great, especially when Rick Ross spits his verse. That’s one of the highlights of the song.

Now for the video…

Ashanti-Rick-Ross-I-Got-It-VideoAshanti is beautiful and there is no doubt about that. I have always thought that she was beautiful and she always has fun and likes to show off her sexy side in her videos (“Baby,” “Rock With You,” and “Only U.”)

Well this one is no different. Sporting various sexy outfits (that compliment and show off her figure) Ashanti can be seen hanging from a swing, dancing with two back up dancers, lap dancing a blind folded guy, and jammin in the club.

Ashanti wears a variety of different wigs, each one hotter than the one before. From her traditional long locks to her newly shown off shorter cuts she continuously looks flawless. Everything that Ashanti has done with this song and video is perfection!

Back in 2011 Ashanti released “The Woman You Love” featuring rapper Busta Rhymes, this song was set to the official lead single off her forth coming album Braveheart. Then in 2012 Ashanti released another song “That’s What We Do” featuring singer/songwriter R. Kelly. Both songs were set to be singles to promote the upcoming album.

ashanti-braveheart-official-coverHowever, last week when Ashanti released the video for “I Got It” she also released the album art, release date, and track listing for the album and neither song could be found on any of the track list.

But, Ashanti’s 2013 ballad, “Never Should Have” was found sitting at track number 9. “Never Should Have” has since become the official leading single for the album and “I Got It” is the follow up.

When “The Woman You Love” and “That”s What we Do” came out I was a bit concerned. “The Woman You Love” wasn’t that bad and I felt like that was a great comeback single, but I wasn’t sure if it was the fresh new take on Ashanti that we needed for her to come back with avenges.

Then we got “That’s What We Do” and I wasn’t feeling that collaboration at all. It wasn’t her best work and there was nothing too interesting about. It wasn’t until I heard “Never Should Have” that I was back on board with the Ashanti train. Now that I’ve heard “I Got It” I’m fully back on board as a fan.

ashanti-that-grape-juiceI have missed Ashanti’s beautiful voice so much. The thing is she is very talented, she is beautiful and she is a good role model to the youth. Her music is fresh and offers something new every time. Every album has a new sound and offers up a different side of Ashanti and I can appreciate that about her.

If “Never Should Have” and “I Got it” are any testament to what’s to come from Braveheart then I am very excited and ready for this album. The album is set for a March 4th release. You’ll be able to find these two songs along with many others that are promising to be great.

Artist set for collabs on the album are; Jeremih, French Montana, Rick Ross and Beenie Man. So without further a do, here is Ashanti’s new video for “I Got It.”


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