Candice Glover’s Debut Album “Music Speaks”

American Idol winner Candice Glover has released her debut album and it is nothing short of amazing. With a nice mixture of R&B/Soul/and Pop there is a little something for everyone. From the ballads to the dance tracks to even Glover singing about falling in love with someone else’s man.

Candice-Glover-American-Idol-Top-20-500x348Season 12 winner of American Idol, Candice Glover, has released her much anticipated debut album Music Speaks. The album, currently at number 8 on the Itunes Charts, is a nice blend of all of Glover’s greatest influences.

Mixing in the sounds of a great soul era of the early 90s and even some that resemble the great feel of the 50s and 60s, Glover delivers each song with more passion than the one before it.

Before the album was released today, audiences had only two songs to base Glover’s musical career by; “I am Beautiful,” and “Cried.” Both of which were beautiful power ballads that conveyed a heavy message, inspirational tones and beautiful vocals.

img_0584Now upon hearing the two songs I automatically thought I had Glover pegged for a certain type of singer. In my mind I figured that she was either going to fall into the Gospel music world like previous contestants Mandesia and Ruben Studdard, but was surprised to see that she didn’t.

There is nothing wrong with being a Gospel singer, Gospel music is beautiful uplifting and she came from it so it would have made sense. Instead Glover gives her fans a complete different feel in this album that most could expect.

The only way I can fully give you the experience of what listening to this album is like; is by breaking it down into parts. For me there is three different parts to this album.

An upbeat dance track with sass:

downloadYou may have to wait until track three to hear a more uptempo song from Glover, but let me reassure you the wait is worth it. There are four main songs that have a more uptempo and dance feel. Aside from track three, “Same Kinda Man,” Glover also offers up “Damn,” “In the Middle,” and “Coulda Been Me.”

Each song tells a story about love, love lost, or troubles and situations that love can bring. “Same Kinda Man” tells the story of a woman who falls into the same habits of loving the same type of man. Each time the story ends in heartbreak and even though this time around she can see it coming, she is questioning why she doesn’t stop herself.

“Damn” brings the same story in  a different way. This time around Glover is singing about falling in love with a taken man. The song starts with her and this man waking up to a phone call from the man’s girlfriend. The song is carried by a fun piano beat and I personally really enjoy this song.

imagesThen we have “Coulda Been Me.” I feel like this song is the most relatable in the sense that we’ve all, at some point or another, looked at our exes and seen them with someone else and thought, “man that coulda been me.”

“Coulda been me in your arms, oh safe and warm. Coulda been me with those kisses, oh those sweet kisses. Coulda been me in that life, oh love at first sight. Oh that girl coulda been me.”

I rather enjoy this song very much and it is definitely my list for top three best songs on the album. Actually it may be my number one when I think of it.

Finally to end this portion of the album we have “In the Middle.” The only word to describe this song is fun. I have fun listening to it, you can tell that Glover had fun recording it and it is just a feel good type of song. You can dance to it and it is probably the most upbeat song on the entire album.

I can feel an island feel with the beat and backing vocals, and it is definitely something that you don’t hear on the radio now a days and Glover does this song great!

This section of the album is what I would like to think of as her Lauren Hill meets Melanie Fiona, meets Beyonce meets Jill Scott. Here is my favorite of these songs, “Coulda Been Me.”

Ballads, Ballads, Ballads:

Candice2We should have known that we weren’t going to get through this album with out a few ballads that really showed off Glover’s amazing, powerful and, what seems like an effortless, voice and range.

Starting from the beginning with Glover’s second single off the album “Cried,”the album is jam packed with nice ballads such as; “Passenger,” “Forever that Man,” and a beautiful acoustic version of her winning song “I Am Beautiful.”

The first song to appear is “Cried.” Now this song carried by great emotion and pain. The song is about an abusive relationship and basically just finally being done with it. Not wanting to be a part of it.

“It’s been too hard to hold back the pain so like the clouds let it fall like the rain. Yes I’m gon’ make a sound cause I’m crying out loud.”

I love this song and everything about it. It’s beautiful and I love singing along to it. Besides Glover sound phenomenal.

Another ballad that is very enjoyable is “Passenger.” Taking on a different tone, this song is about following God. You can make your argument and say that it isn’t but tell me this isn’t about God;

american-idol-candice-glover-650-430“I’ll be your passenger, I’ll go where you wanna go. If you show me the way, the lead the way and I will follow.”

It’s a nice and beautiful song set to an intense and captivating back beat. Featuring sweet high notes and powerful belts this song has everything that we love about Glover.

I also want to argue the idea that “I Am Beautiful” is a song about God. I believe that song is about getting your confidence and appreciation from God and not by someone else. But that’s all I’m going to say about that song because it’s been out for a good while.

Finally we come to “Forever that Man.” This song deals with the concept of always being in love with someone. Glover belts out lyrics that tell someone that he is always going to be that man she is in love with.

Candice-Glover-1200-486x326I love the way the song is packaged. It starts off sweet and you can hear the intensity of the drums and beat that is about to follow, but it gradually builds and by the end of the song we are hearing those drums fill out and the introduction of an electric guitar. By far this song is one of my favorite ballads of the album.

I would have to say that this portion of the album is where Whitney Houston comes to play. I can hear the same intensity, emotion and uniquely placed belts and high notes like Houston used to present in her songs. Also I can see a bit of Emeli Sande in these songs.

“Forever that Man” definitely reminds me of Sande’s song “Make You Feel My Love.”

Here is my favorite ballad; “Forever that Man.”

R&B Diva meets Modern Day Sensuality.

5-22-13-Candice-Glover_full_600With that we are left with three songs that I want to place in an R&B category all on their own. For these songs Glover definitely pulled out her Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Beyonce and Rihanna to really pull off what these songs needed to succeed.

“Love Song” is the cover that Glover performed on Idol. While you have heard this song before, if you watched the show, I want to say one thing. No one can touch this woman. She has the sass, the voice, and I couldn’t handle the chills I received from listening to this song. It’s phenomenal.

Next we have “Die Without You.” Now this song is everything that is popular in music right now. This R&B feel is awesome, along with a very beautiful message. It’s a song that talks about how being without someone would make them die.

candice-glover-season-12While it’s a cliche over exaggeration of being in love this song is perfect for the modern day audience. This song could definitely broaden Glover’s fan base to beyond an adult contemporary fan base. (Which is what I could see her having.)

The package is awesome, I love the beat and once again Glover’s voice is perfect.

As if that wasn’t enough there is a song called, “Kiss Me” which is as sexy and fun as “Die Without You.” These two songs are songs I could hear Ashanti, Beyonce and Rihanna performing. They have a great R&B feel, sensual tones and the lyrics;

“Kiss me like you miss me baby, touch me like you love me baby, hold me baby like you own me baby, kiss me, touch me.”

These songs are awesome and I honestly feel these are probably the most unexpected songs for Glover to be singing, at least to me. Yet I don’t think it’s a decision she will regret because they are awesome.

Here for your listening pleasures is “Die Without You.”

candice-glover-lgWhile this wide range of genres and styles have made some critics irrie towards the album, I personally believe that’s one of the reasons people will love the album. The songs are placed and mixed throughout the album and so as a listener you won’t feel like it’s the same thing over and over again.

It was weird because I loved every song and when the album came to the end I just wanted more. It’s very rare for me to be able to say I liked every song on an album, even with my favorite artist of all time, and I was able to say that with this album. I say do yourself a favor and get your copy now!

If this post wasn’t enough of an incentive then here is another song off her album “Thank You.” I didn’t mention it before because I found it hard to place in a certain category. I feel like this song grabs from all the elements presented in the album and it definitely stands on its own.

The song is about thanking someone for putting you through pain because at the end it made you better.


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