Katy Perry Premiere’s Video for Dark Horse

Katy Perry plays an Egyptian Princess in her newest video for “Dark Horse.” The third official music video from her latest album Prism does nothing but add to the craziness from her previous two. From Perry pole dancing, to turning men into puppies there is no shortage of the crazy and theatrical Katy Perry that we love.

Dark Horse 1Today Katy Perry released the music video for her R&B inspired third single “Dark Horse.” In the video Perry plays an Egyptian Princess in search of a suitor.

The video opens up on a scene that takes place in an ocean. There is a boat being rowed by two men that are completely blue. On the boat there is a bed where Ms. Katy Perry lay.

On both sides of the bed there are two women who are dressed in gold outfits and cat heads. (I know this is weird, but totally something Katy Perry would do.)

Anyways, Katy Perry is sporting a white dress with Gold embellishments and white hair with blue Egyptian markings. This scene plays out until Perry sings, “So you want to play with magic?”

UntitledAt this point we are taken to Perry’s next costume and scene change. In this scene Katy Perry can be found sitting at a throne with black hair, an very eccentric head dress and a beautifully colored dress. Around her stands four women with cat heads each wearing gold outfits.

In front of the throne runs a carpet and on each side a line of blue men. One by one suitors take their turns presenting gifts to Perry trying to win her love. First someone brings a diamond, then food, then dogs, then a new ride and finally a pyramid.

Each time the man is turned to dust by Perry’s powers. (All except for the last one that is.)

Dark Horse 3Then the second verse starts. This is probably one of the most creative and creepiest parts of the video, to me at least. When Katy Perry starts to sing the second verse to her song she is now a part of a wall statue? I’m not really sure what to call this.

Either way it’s a silver wall with a gold snake slithering through the constructed wall thingy. This scene is alternated between this and the previous two scenes until she gets to the chorus again.

Now Katy Perry is in this really elaborate gold outfit with purple hair and gold medallions on her bangs. She is in this dark creepy room with gold hangings of symbols.

Dark Horse 6

Enter Juicy J. Juicy is revealed by the opening of a traditional tomb. He begins to rap and we get to see Katy Perry pool dance in sneakers.

She breaks into a split with two back up dancers and then one last costume change.

The last possible suitor comes with a pyramid. On top of the pyramid we see Kay Perry sporting yellow hair, and a flashy sequenced top, some type of neck dress and a flashy skirt.

She then creates a storm, grows wings and turns the suitor into a puppy.

Dark Horse 9This video must of had a major budget. Between the elaborate costume changes, intriquet sets, and the amount of people and computer effects that went into it is crazy.

It’s fun, seductive and very Katy Perry. I enjoyed watching it, although some parts did creep me out. I think this has to be one of her best videos so far, and “Dark Horse” is my favorite song off the album.

So if you haven’t gotten to see the premiere of “Dark Horse” be sure to click below and watch for yourself how all this unfolds and be sure to buy Prism, Katy Perry’s third studio album on Itunes now.



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