Glee Cast Releases “Frenemies” Songs! (Listen Here)

It has finally happened Gleeks! We have finally been given new music from the most missed show this season. Glee finally released the songs for the upcoming February 25th Episode “Frenemies” and these duets are sexy, bold, bitchy, and AWESOME!

imagesI’m going to try to keep this one short, only because I want this to be more about the music that has been presented to us today.

From Santana and Rachel to Artie and Tina; the perfection that is Glee is back. Starting February 25th the show continues its fifth season with an episode entitled “Frenemies.”

Really what this episode is, is the annual duets episode. Surprisingly we are given 7 songs this episode. This is definitely a great number of music, but after you listen to these songs you won’t be upset about it.

Rachel-Santana-5-620x400One thing that I’m very happy about is that there is no shortage of my two favorite vocalist; Lea Michele (Rachel) and Naya Rivera (Santana.)

What makes it even better is that these two power houses are together in almost every song! It’s like a freakin Rachel and Santana convention and I am all for it!!!!

Rather than take each song and bore you with my opinions I’m going to see if I can sum it all up in one paragraph. Ready, set, go.

There is no reason for Artie and Tina to be singing together. I really want to know this storyline because the songs they sing together don’t exactly follow one tone or momentum. I think it’s also very weird that the writers are making Tina relevant again.

509GLEE-1Santana’s version of “Don’t Rain on My Parade” is brilliant and perfect. I prefer it over Rachel’s version and it totally fits Santana’s personality and it’s probably the best song of the episode!

glee-season-5-spoilers-frenemies-rachel-lea-micheleEverything Rachel and Santana is perfect! (Enough said) favorite duet is “Every Breath You Take.”

Despite the raw sexual tension and awesome vocals in “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” I feel like I could have done without this duet. Starchild and Kurt do awesome, but I feel like the song is just there. I don’t know.

I for one am very excited for this return and from the promo slap I bet many others are as well. Be sure to tune in to FOX on Tuesday February 25th for Glee’s Return. Until then enjoy the songs of the upcoming episode.

Breakaway-Artie, Tina & Blaine

Don’t Rain on My Parade-Santana

Whenever I Call You Friend- Artie & Tina

Every Breath You Take-Santana & Rachel

Brave-Santana and Rachel

I Believe in a Thing Called Love-Starchild & Kurt

My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get it)-Tina and Artie


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