Man Crush Monday-SoMo Edition

He has the voice, the looks, the swagger and the charm. From his silky smooth voice to his sex appeal that is sure to sell the ladies. SoMo is an upcoming voice that is setting the music world ablaze.

Somo1Austin native Joseph Morales (aka SoMo) has been surfacing for some time now. With a Mixtape and two singles under his belt this upcoming voice has a lot to offer the world.

Aside from his looks, and obvious style that he possess, SoMo as a voice and presence that makes listening to his music a fun and enjoyable experience for all his fans.

SoMo’s Story

SoMo first started out as a Youtube singer in 2009 releasing covers of famous songs by such artist as The Weeknd, R. Kelly, Boyz II Men and even Ms. Mariah Carey.

While he had been on Youtube for quite some time it wasn’t until 2011, when he did a medley of Drake’s Take Care album,  that SoMo began to gain greater notoriety in the music world. The cover took his views to over 50 million and began to gain SoMo some great publicity.

SoMo_2013-12-09_13-25Then in 2013 he released a mixtape entitled “My Life.” Afterwards SoMo returned to Youtube and began releasing a new cover every Sunday as part of his “SoMo Sunday” campaign.

Later in 2013 SoMo was officially signed to Republic Records. In November of 2013 SoMo released his debut single “Ride.” (Now I’m not completely sure) but there is also another single available on Itunes entitled “Show Off.”

My Thoughts on the Singer

I will say that SoMo does have an amazing voice. He has the silky smooth tone that can allow for great R&B songs and when he hits that high note in “Ride” I was like dang, this boy has a nice range.

With that being said there is one thing I have to say keeps me from being fully on board the SoMo train. I feel that when new artist come out, a lot of times their music is very shallow.

somoUnfortunately I feel SoMo falls into that category. While he has great songs like, “Hearts of the Divine” and “Letters.” a lot of his other songs such as “Kings and Queens (Throw it Up)” and even “Ride” seem to be only about sex and partying.

While these are great songs and I have them on repeat, I feel like he has more passion and emotion in him. After watching some of his covers (Like his Boyz II Men Cover) you can tell there is more to this boy than what he is letting out.

I feel like upbeat party songs like this make it hard for him to show off his voice. Let me tell you something, as an aspiring performer I am a sucker for great voices. (Especially great voices from Texas, my home state.)

somo9Yet I’m completely sure what direction SoMo is going to take his upcoming debut album, so I really can’t fully put my finger of the brand of “SoMo.” I just want him to bring a deep soul and feel to his songs. I know he can do it, I can hear it and he possess all the possible qualities to make it work.

He needs to be singing the type of music Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, and Jagged Edge used to sing. That’s literally how talented he is. That high note tells it all.

Upcoming Album

somoride-1024x1024SoMo’s debut album is set for a April release. The album will be self titled and is available for preorder on Itunes as we speak. According to his website with your preorder you instantly get the single “Hush.”

Be sure to take a listen to this upcoming artist and also be sure to preorder his upcoming album. I for one am very anxious to see what is in store for SoMo and know that I’m fully supporting you man.

Here is SoMo’s debut single “Ride” enjoy!


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