Romeo Santos Releases Formula, Vol. 2

The King of Bachata Romeo Santos is back with his second solo album and it does not disappoint at all. Featuring rappers Nicki Minaj and Drake, along with comedian Kevin Hart and iconic guitarist Carlos Santana, Formula, Vol. 2 is one of the best albums of 2014 so far.

romeo-santos-that-grape-juice-she-is-divaIn 2012 Romeo Santos debuted his first solo album Formula, Vol. 1. Of course with a title like that there was sure to be a follow up and today fans were given just that.

At midnight the world was blessed with Santos’ second album Formula, Vol. 2. and this album does not disappoint one bit.

The album was highly anticipated after the release of Santos’ second single “Odio” featuring raper Drake. What made this song very popular was that in this song Drake both rapped and sang in Spanish.


romeo santosShortly after the release of this single it was also announced that the album would feature fellow YMCMB rapper Nicki Minaj along with guitarist Carlos Santana and even comedian Kevin Hart.

After this announcement was made I posed this question; “Would Nicki Minaj be following in Drake’s footsteps and also be singing or rapping in Spanish as well?”

Well we got our answer, and that would be a big fat YES! This answer came in the form of one of my favorite songs off the album “Animales.”

“Animales” ft. Nicki Minaj

Romeo-Santos-Nicki-MinajAs far as Kevin Hart goes, well it turns out that the comedian would not be lending any vocal help to the album. Santos is following the same formula that he did in his first album and featured a comedian in an intro to the album.

The intro plays as a voice mailbox playing back calls talking about how the album is set to be great. Hart is the last message we hear and he…well how about you listen for yourself.

Intro Ft. Kevin Hart

33552b2db35e5f86282e087f226e8a41As far as the rest of the album goes, well there is no shortage of dancing that is for sure. From track one all the way to the end the King of Bachata certainly lives up to the name.

Some of the best songs that come off of the album include “Yo Tambien” (Featuring Marc Anthony.) “Necio” (Featuring Carlos Santana.) “Cancioncitas de Amor,” “Fui a Jamaica,”…oh who am I kidding they are all INCREDIBLE!

I love Romeo Santos and there are many reasons why, and this album basically showcases every reason why.

To begin with Santos’ voice is incredible. It has this very unique, high pitched, suave and sexy tone to his voice that makes listening to his ballads interesting and listening to his more upbeat or sensual songs give you chills.

Also Santos incorporates many different types of music into his music. Instead of sticking to just Bachata he brings with him elements of R&B, Reggage, and Pop into this album.

130659aHe did the same thing with previous songs such as “Promise” (Ft. Usher), “All Aboard” (Fr. Lil Wayne) and “Alleluya” (Ft. Pitbull). All his features bring a new and interesting feel to the album and that shines through in this album as well.

Also his music is very touching. Whether he takes over your body and makes you want to get up and dance no matter what or whether he is making you belt out a soulful song Santos knows how to work a song.

Formula, Vol. 2 offers a bit of something for everyone and doesn’t fall short of anything but amazing. I truly hope that Santos is successful in crossing over this type of music into the more “commercialized market” because his music is great and he isn’t afraid to try anything.

With such great featured artist and awesome music that makes you want more this album has to be one of my favorites thus far.

The album is currently sitting at number 3 on the Itunes charts so be sure to buy your copy now and enjoy another favorite of mine from the album, “Fui a Jamaica”


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