Woman Crush Wednesday- Naya River Edition

After last nights come back of Glee I was reminded why I loved Santana so much. Within that I remembered why I loved Naya Rivera so much. So today we honor the Latin beauty who has stole our hearts, ears, and bodies!

Naya Rivera as Cindy on “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

In the beginning of her career Naya Rivera started off acting in commercials and as special guest on shows such as Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Family Matters.

While she had a nice little career under her belt it was hard to find anything for Rivera that seemed long lasting and worth the struggle of going to casting calls.

Rivera revealed on her episode of MTV’s This is How I Made it, that she almost considered leaving acting because she was finding it hard to book sustaining jobs.

But all that changed in 2009 when Rivera was casted as Santana Lopez on the FOX hit show Glee. At first the role of Santana was very minimal. As a matter of fact the first song that Santana is “featured” on doesn’t even have her vocals.

It isn’t until season 1’s episode “Power of Madonna” that we get to hear this unique voice that would wind up stealing our heart. As season one came to a close and season two began to dominate the television world we began to see more of this beautiful songstress.

Santana Lopez:

Naya Rivera plays Santana Lopez on FOX’s hit show Glee

I personally love the character of Santana Lopez and last night’s return episode of Glee just proved to everyone in the world why that is.

Between Santana’s “bitch streak,” her powerful voice (that seems to have no end range wise) and the fact that she is flawlessly beautiful I can not get enough of this character.

While the first two seasons aren’t the best to showcase off this powerhouse vixen, Santana begins to get her biggest moments in seasons 4 and 5.

As a matter of fact I believe that after last night’s performance of “Don’t Rain on My Parade” she completely stole all of season 5.

Her sass and witty comments may seem like harsh cut downs to most, but to me I see it as confidence and personality exuding from her being in the best way.

She is truly what keeps the show going and it is the only reason anyone watches. (In my bias opinion.) At first it seemed that the show stifled her in the background because she wasn’t really belting and getting the songs that showed what she truly could do with her vocals.

Naya Rivera shows off her vocal talent in “Don’t Rain on My Parade” Performance on Glee.

I thought maybe it was because her voice was only fit for one type of genre but time and time again Santana proves us all wrong when she does songs like “Don’t Rain on my Parade.”

She is one of the only cast members (except for Mercedes and Kurt) that can actually stand against the biggest powerhouse of the show Rachel Berry.

To put things into perspective I am going to focus on just last night’s performance of “Don’t Rain on My Parade” because it is what made me compelled to make Naya Rivera my Woman Crush Wednesday.

This performance shows her sass, her bitchiness, her sexual charm, her amazing voice, her style and the way that she knows how to truly dominate the stage, a song and the hearts of listeners. If you don’t believe me watch for yourself.

I mean she literally mock’s Rachel’s season 1 performance. Basically calling her out and showing that she can do it just as great as Berry did. I mean Santana takes us to church with this one.

Naya Rivera’s a Model and Singer

Naya Rivera’s “Rolling Stone” cover

While Rivera spends most of her time on Glee portraying my favorite character to ever hit the small screen, there is more to her than just acting.

Currently you can find working on a solo album and posing for various magazines. The sexy, soulful beauty has posed for the cover of Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Latina Magazine, Complex and many more.

In 2013 Rivera graced her fans with her debut single “Sorry” featuring fiance Big Sean. Oh yeah did I mention this girl is taken? Rapper Big Sean swooped her up and put a ring on it.

But back to the music. This beauty released the sassy, fierce single that, to me, shows off why Rivera is a forced to be reckoned with in the music world.

Bringing back the great feel of 90’s hip hop “Sorry” is a sassy tale about a woman telling another woman that she is “sorry” that is she isn’t sorry that she now has her man.

It’s awesome and you can’t help but feel as cool as Rivera sounds when you listen. While this song probably wasn’t the best way to come onto the music scene I personally love the song.

It keeps true to the Santana brand and it really is a fun song. This is one of those songs that would work as a follow up single but I would have chosen something different for a lead single.

In any case her debut album is rumored to be set for a 2014 release although no other single, cover art or comments have been made. So let’s cross our fingers and hope that after Lea Michele has her moment with her debut album Rivera puts hers out.

Listen to “Sorry” here!

Naya Rivera's debut single "Sorry"
Naya Rivera’s debut single “Sorry”

Naya Rivera is a beautiful soul with awesome vocals and to me no other woman could compare. I am so glad that we have a great representation of Latina women in the media again and I could definitely see Rivera surpassing the status of JLO. She is our generations JLO.

You keep working girl and I look forward to SO MUCH MORE in the future from you. For example that solo album. Until then you can tune in every Tuesday at 7/8c to FOX for new episodes of Glee. One of which features ms. Rivera in a sexy lingerie number.

Let’s have some fun. Here is one last performance from Naya Rivera on Glee that is one of my favorites. Like most of her performances on Glee this is a duet.

While she has to share the song, she definitely steals the spotlight and this song proves to be the best song ever for Santana. (They cut the song down a lot in the show so here is the studio recording over the actual performance.)


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