Throwback Thursday-JoJo Edition

It’s been a full 7 years since we have had an official studio album from teen star JoJo. Known for her hits such as “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late” the young star kind of fell off the map after her second album High Road was released. That is until now.

Singer JoJo posing in 2004.

The year is 2004 and I turn on the radio to hear a soulful and passion voice belting out a pop ballad about a love gone wrong. The then 13 year old singer was only 3 years older than me and found a way to break down the age barrier and reach a fan base that would sky rocket her song to number 1 on the Billboard charts.

JoJo was the proof that no matter how old you are talent is talent. “Leave (Get Out)” was JoJo’s debut number 1 single and the song that would gain this young beauty a spot in the world of music.

The Beginning

While it wasn’t until 2004 that we heard from the singer, JoJo had been discovered since the young age of 6. This powerhouse voice has covered such great soul songs such as; “I Believe in You and Me,” “It Ain’t Always What You Do (It’s Who You Let See You Do It),” and “Shakey Ground”.

JoJo appeared on many shows to sing such as Maury, America’s Most Talented Kids, and even The Oprah Winfrey Show. She was offered a record contract at 6, but her mother turned it down, stating that she was too young for a record contract.

Yet in 2003 JoJo was officially signed to Blackground Records where her dreams would finally come true and her beautiful voice would be heard by everyone.

Her Debut Album:

download (1)
JoJo’s self titled debut album

Four months after the release of her first single her self titled debut album was released. The album did fairly well peaking at number 4 on the US charts.

The album showcased JoJo’s amazing range and soul voice. It was refreshing and very shocking to hear such a beautiful voice come from such a young performer.

Songs included a nice mixture of R&B ballads, teen pop dance tracks and even a breath taking cover of SVU’s hit “Weak.”

In September 2004 JoJo released her second single off the album “Baby It’s You.” While the song was originally sung by just her on the album, the single version featured rapper Bow Wow.

While the single only peaked at number 7 in 2006 JoJo was back in the lime light with another powerful ballad that would once again sweep the pop radio world.

A Second Hit, A Second Album and Mixtapes:

JoJo’s Sophomore album ‘The High Road.”

In July of 2006, a little over 2 years since “Leave (Get Out),” JoJo released what would become another one of her most known hits “Too Little Too Late.”

“Too Little Too Late” was the lead single for her sophomore album The High Road. Released in October of 2006 this album did slightly better than it’s predecessor, reaching number 3 on the US charts.

The album spun out 3 singles. “Too Little Too Late,” “How to Touch a Girl” and “Anything.”

Shortly after the release of her album JoJo began to release covers of hit songs. She recorded a reply to Sean Kingston’s hit “Beautiful Girl” and a cover of “I Can’t Believe it” originally recorded by T-Pain.

JoJo’s 2010 Mixtape “Can’t Take That Away From Me”

Yet in 2009 the lawsuits began to fly. JoJo had reportedly filed a lawsuit against her label Blackground Records. The lawsuit was settled and JoJo was released from her contract  2009 and was set to release her third album through Interscope records.

But when Blackground Records lost their distribution deal with Interscope JoJo’s album was pushed back yet again.

Between the years of 2009 and 2013 songs recorded by the artist were leaked online. This was said to be the reason why JoJo’s album was being put off.

It was stated that whenever the songs were leaked JoJo wanted to start rerecording. Yet with every year the name and direction that JoJo had in mind for the upcoming album changed.

In 2010 JoJo released a mixtape entitled Can’t Take That Away From Me. Now many people don’t know about this mixtape, but it’s actually pretty good. In all reality I kind of prefer this mixtape to her latter albums.

The only single that was released from the album was a dark and sexually charged song “In the Dark.” This song showed that this young artist was growing up and that she was definitely changing the direction of her music.

JoJo on set of her music video for “Disaster”

Then after the release of her mixtape, JoJo released a cover version of Drake’s hit “Marvin’s Room.” The song talks about a drunk call to your ex.

With racy lyrics and a more sexual feel JoJo was definitely growing up.

Agape, Disaster & #LoveJo

In 2011 JoJo released her first official single entitled “Disaster” that was set to be the leading single off her upcoming album Jumping Trains.

“Disaster” was the first song from JoJo to chart since “Too Little Too Late.” Yet the following week after its releases “Disaster” proved to be just that. It fell off the charts making us question the likelihood of a new album.

JoJo’s second Mixtape “Agape”

Then in 2012 JoJo released another mixtape entitled Agape. “We Get By” was the lead single of this mixtape and the whole feel of the mixtape was definitely something new.

More urban and R&B JoJo was no longer the teen pop princess she once was. With lyrics like;

“Hollywood and that bullshit I deal with that. That life I left I’m not going back, cause I can’t work a 9 to 5.”

It was made official that she was no longer playing sweat and nice.

On her twitter a fan asked JoJo if she would go back to singing songs that “once made her famous (like “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late.”) and the artist replied simply with a “No.”

JoJo’s 2014 EP “#LoveJo”

Finally in 2014 it was announced that JoJo was released from her contract and had signed with Atlantic Records, where she is set to release a third album.

Until then we have a surprise EP that was released on February 14, 2014. The EP is a four track EP that features covers of classic artist Anita Baker and Phil Collins.

Of the four tracks one of the best is her version of “Glory.” The EP as a whole takes us back to JoJo’s soulful and beautiful voice that we loved, but this song takes us to church!

JoJo is incredible and this song just proves why. The music world has been missing this gem and she needs a return. So while we wait for the release of her next album we have her EP #LoveJo to listen to. The album is set to hopefully be released this year and if I am very excited to see what comes next for JoJo.

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane and enjoy “Glory.”


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