Glee’s Songs for “Trio” Listen Here!

New episode of Glee means new music. Taking on classic rocks songs and even a 90s hit from one of the world’s best selling girl groups, the cast of Glee definitely hit it big with theses trios.

510GLEEEp510Sc42018-1392843481On Tuesday you can expect another brand new episode of the hit FOX show Glee. For this episode the cast will take on the task of “trios” as the episode is called.

Many of the songs are classic rock songs that were made popular by such bands as Heart and Simple Minds. The cast even takes on another Destiny’s Child hit that was made popular in the 90’s.

The overall tone of opinion by me is; not bad, but probably not the best of versions or song choice made by producers. Although we do get to see a take over, vocally, by new members Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato this time around.

I wonder what the circumstances are. In any case here are the songs for this week’s Glee episode “Trio.”

“Danny’s Song”-Emma and Will

Willmma is back! I have always adored these two and I think that this duet proves why. Their voices work so well together and they are so freaking cute!

Emma has this cute, soft and sweet soprano while Will has this smooth, sensual and really beautiful tenor that makes them sound really good together.

Now this says that the song is just a preview, but it is the only thing available at the moment so looks like you’re going to have to tune it Tuesday to hear the full version.

“Barracuda”-Rachel & Elliot “Starchild”

Vocally this is one of the best songs of the episode. It is an interesting mix of rock and pop. The pairing is nice; the vocals match up well and it doesn’t feel like I’m listening to vocalist battle over power of the song, because they both sound great.

I like this song, I just wonder what the context of the song is going to be. Although in the promo for this episode it showed that Rachel is going to try and move in with Elliot. Anyways take a listen below of this awesome rock duet.

“The Happening”-Kurt, Elliot & Dani

Now with this song I was excited to finally see Elliot and Dani get a song where they could really showcase their vocals together. I love Dani’s voice and Starchild has an amazing rock voice so together they are unbelievable.

I wasn’t completely wrong though. Starchild and Demi completely kill this song and it made my ears very happy, but there is one problem that I had with this song. There was no need for Kurt to team up with them. It didn’t sound that pleasing.

There was just too much of a difference between the two types of voices. I mean it doesn’t sound too bad, but I think it would have worked with just Dani and Starchild.

“Gloria”-Santana, Rachel & Elliot

This song is fun and I think that these three mixed very well. I’m very glad that Santana wasn’t hidden and over powered by Rachel and starchild. That could have happened and I’m glad they did a great job at showcasing both women.

I have a feeling this performance in some way is going to enhance the drama with Santana and Rachel. I can just feel egos and personalities rising and I like it. This song is fun and works very well vocally. I give my stamp of approval!

“Jumpin’ Jumpin'”-Artie, Tina, & Blaine

NO! Stop! Why would you even think that these three would work well with this song? Tina is no Beyonce and all this song do was prove that statement.

I don’t like this at all. In season 2 when Blaine covered “Bills, Bills, Bills” with the Warblers it was great. It wasn’t the best rendition ever, but it worked and a lot of people enjoyed it.

So with this song I expected a lot and it was disappointing. Why are the McKinely kids trying so damn hard. Just stop! I think a better trio for this would have “The Unholy Trinidad,” or Mercedes, Santana, and either Kurt or Rachel. (Probably Rachel, but I could see how Kurt would work.)

“Don’t You (Forget About Me)”-Artie, Tina & Blaine

I was surprised that it took this long for Glee to cover this song. I feel like it was a long time coming, but I always envisioned Finn singing this song.

But it doesn’t sound so bad this time around. I think that Tina doesn’t sound as bad or irrelevant in this song, and it works with Blaine’s range and so it doesn’t sound awkward when it sings in a lower tone like it did when he did in “Jumpin’ Jumpin’.”

When the vocal change happened in that song it was awkward, and didn’t sound very pleasing so it makes this song look very good. Also Artie seems very hard to pick out in both songs. Are you sure that he is in it?

“Hold On”-Santana, Rachel, Dani, Elliot, Kurt, Artie, Tina, Sam & Blaine

Lastly the Glee cast takes on another song that I feel is kind of overdue. I’m very surprised it took until season 5 for these guys to take on this Wilson Philip’s hit.

Now this is a lot of singers in it showing that it obviously isn’t a trio. Which is another problem I have with set list. For an episode called “Trio” there aren’t a lot of trios.

Anyways there isn’t much you could do with this song anyways to make it really pop, but I think the cast does what they can with it. I like that every voice is evident and you can tell it was a collaborative effort to make this song work.

Although once again, I find myself thinking what the context of this song is going to be. I have a feeling it has to do with Santana and Rachel rekindling in New York, because Rachel, Santana and Kurt are very prominent in this song.

So in conclusion my favorite of this episode has to be a tie between “Barracuda” and “Gloria.” While my least favorite has to be “Jumpin’ Jumpin'” but what do you think? Which song do you like the most?


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