Lea Michele Releases Debut Album “Louder” (Part 1)

It has finally happened! The much anticipated debut album from singer/actress Lea Michele has been released. From fun upbeat songs to moving ballads to even a song about Cory Monteith’s last words to Michele this album is definitely going straight to number one.

After months of anticipation the wait is finally over. Lea Michele’s debut album Louder has been released. The 14 track album features upbeat songs, inspirational messages, powerful ballads, and moving lyrics that will be hard not to cry through.

The songstress did an amazing job at picking songs that not only suited her personality, but also that fit her brand. After watching Lea Michele on Glee for the past 5 years there is a certain way that we have preceived her and I will tell you this album won’t disappoint.

Songs About Cory:

Lea Michele's cover art for her first single "Cannonball"
Lea Michele’s cover art for her first single “Cannonball”

In July of 2013 the world lost a beloved star when it was announced that actor Cory Monteith had passed away in a hotel in Vancouver.

Of course after the tragedy one of the biggest concerns from fans were that of his long time girlfriend Lea Michele. While the singer didn’t make a public statement for months the music from Louder has explained exactly how she felt during this rough time.

The album had already been done when Monteith passed away, but Michele went back into the studio to add two brand new tracks in honor of her late boyfriend.

One of which was the lead single from the album “Cannonball.” The song was an inspirational song that talked about overcoming a hard situation.


The next song was not one of the two songs Michele added after Monteith’s death. It was a song that Monteith had already heard. Michele said that the song “You’re Mine” was their song. The song was released during the week of Valentine’s day as a tribute to her late boyfriend.

Lea Michele and boyfriend Cory Monteith at the VH1 "Do Something" Awards
Lea Michele and boyfriend Cory Monteith at the VH1 “Do Something” Awards


And finally we come to the last song that has been confirmed to be about Monteith. Now I’m going to warn you now. If you are a big Cory and Lea fan this song is going to make you cry your little eyes out.

The song entitled “If You Say So”  was named after the last words that Monteith said to Michele. That’s right this song tells the story about the last time Michele and Monteith talked.

The lyrics are moving, the music is somber and there is no way that a person could ever be emotionally or mentally prepared enough to deal with the weight of this song.

Imagine Michele’s performance on Glee’s moving tribute to Monteith, when she sang “To Make You Feel My Love.” Okay now times that by 1,000,000 and that’s how intense this song is.

Lea Michele's tattoo in honor of her late boyfriend Cory Monteith.
Lea Michele’s tattoo in honor of her late boyfriend Cory Monteith.

“It’s been seven whole days without your embrace, I wanna see your face, I got some things to say. Was just a week ago you said ‘I love you girl’ I said ‘I love you more’ then a breath, a pause and you said ‘if you say so.”

The singer has this phrase tattooed on her rib cage. The ink was revealed during her 2013 interview with US Elle magazine. It’s moving, touching and all for Monteith. So get your tissues ready and listen below to “If You Say So.”

Those Upbeat Love Songs:

Lea Michele's photo shoot for "Louder"
Lea Michele’s photo shoot for “Louder”

Yet don’t think that the album is only filled with sad and somber ballads. While Michele does truly excel vocally with power ballads  she proves that she knows how to take on upbeat and fun songs as well.

The album  opens up with the song “Cannonball” then makes its way to “On My Way.” This song was released just a week ago. Rather than bore you with a redundant explanation of the song just read what I wrote and…


Yet there is no shortage of these fun love songs scattered all throughout the album. Songs like “Burn With You,” “Don’t Let Go” and “Empty Handed” all talk about being in love with someone and the willingness to do whatever it takes to be with them.

My personal favorite of them all is “Burn with You.” I feel like not only is this song one of the best songs on the album it’s very “unique.” Let’s start with the beat of the song.

More cover art from "Louder"
More album art from “Louder”

The back beat is this like upbeat piano that starts off playing a single note over and over again and then as the chorus sets in there is more fullness to it and then comes the bass.

While this may not be a song you can dance to, it’s definitely a song you can vibe to. It has a great steady beat and the vocals bring more than just great sounds.

There is raw emotion and passion behind every note. (And that can be said about all these songs. This is why I love Lea Michele.) Now don’t get me wrong “Empty Handed” and “Don’t Let Go” are just as fun, but “Burn with You” stands out a whole lot more to me.

Lea Michele's Glamour photo shoot
Lea Michele’s Glamour photo shoot

I mean the chorus of the song is;

” I don’t wanna go to heaven, if you’re going to hell. I will burn with you. I will burn with you.”

“Don’t Let Go” is very young and fun. There is a feel good beat, mixed with great driving vocals and of course the environment that comes with the song is very high school love montage. It is a great song and I enjoyed listening to it.

“Empty Handed” brings some of the best vocals of the album. The message and lyrics are inspirational and the feel of the song is very powerful and “lovey dovey.”

Take a listen to “Burn With You” below.

Be Sure to Check out Part 2 of my “louder” review here!


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