Lea Michele Releases Debut Album “Louder” (Part 2)

I have realized that I have too much to say about this jam packed album to fit it into just one post. So here is the continuation of my “Louder” review.

Ballads, Ballads and More Ballads:

Lea Michele poses for "Louder" album art.
Lea Michele poses for “Louder” album art.

But of course there is definitely no shortage of power ballads about love lost and heartbreak. Just 2 weeks after releasing her lead single “Cannonball” Lea Michele released her second single “Battlefield.”

The song was so powerful and heartfelt that it was rumored that the song was about her late boyfriend Cory Monteith. Many said that the two weren’t together when he died and said this song was proof.

Many fans and critics stepped up to defend Michele’s song, but at the end of the day not every song on the album is about Monteith. We have to remember singers had lives before they were in the spotlight and a lot songs are pulled from past experiences.

Also Michele didn’t write every song on the album.


“Battlefield” is joined by two other great ballads “Cue the Rain,” and “Thousand Needles.”

“Thousand Needles” is very powerful and the intensity of the song can be felt by the beat and belting vocals of Michele. The song tells the story of losing a love and how it feels to lose that someone.

More "Louder" album art.
More “Louder” album art.

Michele explains that it feels like a thousand needles in her heart.

While I love this song and it’s really good, there isn’t anything especially “different” about it that sets it apart from other heartbreak songs. So this song doesn’t stand out to me as much as “Cue the Rain.”

This song has a driving force from the first time we hear the opening beat all the way to the end. The song starts off simple enough and is mainly carried by Michele’s voice.

Yet as the song goes on the tension builds and then we get the chorus.

“The city was on fire for us, we would have died for us, up in flames, cue the rain. In my heart little sparks, everywhere that you are up in flames cue the rain. Don’t say you’re anything but okay, and don’t fade tonight. The city was on fire for us, we would have died for us up in flames, cue the rain.”

I mean Michele really pushes out emotion and forces you to be captured into the song. The song is powerful and you can’t help but to be drowned into it.

I love “Cue the Rain” and it is definitely in my top 3 favorite songs of the album. Take a listen for yourself below.

The Bonus Tracks:

Lea Michele's L'oreal photo shoot.
Lea Michele’s L’oreal photo shoot.

Along with the regular standard edition of the album, Michele released a deluxe edition that features 3 more songs. These songs complete the album and definitely are must haves and this is why.

We got a glimpse of this when Michele released one of these songs “What is Love?” This song is definitely very intense. This ballad is a song that not only raises a very powerful question, but is also a song raises very powerful emotions as you can tell when you hear the words.

“What is love, what is love when you don’t know who you’re lying next to do you anymore. What is love, what is love, you don’t know what love is, til you love somebody bad enough.”


Along with “What is Love?” Michele also offers up “Gone Tonight” and “The Bells.”

“Gone Tonight” has a nice driving beat that isn’t somber,and lyrics that tell an inspirational tale of being in love and letting the troubles and fears that come with being with someone go.

“Oh we clawed and we fall, and we doubt along the way we’ve been misunderstood. Yeah, it hurts with this fear and this pain, but it’s gone tonight. Nothing in the way go forward, forward. Nothing to say it’s our world, our world. Trouble’s gone tonight Right under the bridge like water, water promising to love you harder harder.”

This has to be my favorite of the bonus tracks. Yet don’t underestimate the power of “The Bells.” This somber ballad offers more than enough aspects but before we get into “The Bells” let’s take a listen to “Gone Tonight.”

Lea Michele on set of her hit show "Glee"
Lea Michele on set of her hit show “Glee”

From the moment that “The Bells” opens you are hit with a very emotional and raw line.

“Everyday I get a little bit closer to, the resolution that I am not yet bullet proof.”

The weight that one line can hold is crazy to me. There is no other way to truly explain this song than with the phrase I used during the first part of my review “Raw Emotion.”

The song is lyrically beautiful and it’s definitely one of the heaviest songs, next to “If You Say So” that is.

Listen here

The Title Track and Overall Thoughts:

Lea Michele holding her debut album "Louder"
Lea Michele holding her debut album “Louder”

When it comes to a title track I expect the song to basically sum up the entire feel, message, and point of your album. Lea Michele definitely does this with her title track song “Louder.”

Upbeat, fun and inspirational with beautiful emotions spilling out over every line. This song sums up not only the album as a whole, but also I believe it kind of puts into perspective where Lea Michele is in her life.

It’s a fun song that tells her fans to not be afraid to have their own voice and to use it. I love this song and have already covered it, because Michele released the songs just weeks after releasing “Battlefield.” So go a head and read my review here and then take a listen below.

The album’s official U.S release date was March 4th, but this morning I woke up to the greatest surprise ever! It is now available!!!! So be sure to grab a copy today on Itunes!

Michele definitely did a flawless job with the album and I see big things for not only this album but for this bombshell beauty as well. So in closing here’s another song from the album that hasn’t yet been shown “Don’t Let Go.” Enjoy.


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